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  by chuchubob
SSW9389 wrote:The last deliveries to PC from EMD that I can find are for GP38-2s #8154-8162 built in October 1973 ...
I just happened to catch two slightly earlier PC GP38-2's (8121 [CSX 2746] and 8078 [NS 5281]) working WPCA-51 in Barrington, NJ, today.


  by Matt Langworthy
I realize this is a PC forum but the post listing the final power bought by LV didn't include the U-23Bs (including the unit preserved in Sayre recently). They arrived circa 1974, courtesy of USRA financing. Was USRA financing locos for PC and LV knowing that they would eventually be used by Conrail?
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  by LCJ
Matt Langworthy wrote:....financing locos for PC and LV knowing that they would eventually be used by Conrail?
LV yes, but I don't believe PC acquired any that way.
  by XBNSFer
GP38-2s and U23Bs would probably be the last PC power (both had 1973 delivery dates). I think the U23B's were actually the last delivered (October 1973 build vs. March 1973 for the GP38-2s), but the information I found might not be complete. Based on numbering, it appears that for 6-axle EMDs, SD40s came first, followed by SD45s, then another round of SD40s (I suspect the '45s were original PRR units or units that were ordered by PRR pre-merger and delivered post-merger, with the second batch of SD40s being the PC orders). No Dash-2 6 axles on PC's roster.