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  • Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.
Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.

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  by Alcoman
Any nes at the shop? Repaints?, Rebuilds?

  by Legio X
Any Century 424 or RS-11 news?
  by Guest
Last Thusday 7215 was in primer. Erie Mining/LTV paint was sandblasted off previously. I will report on the paint scheme once it is completed. I want to see the finished product first.

Sandy :P

  by rushhour
What type of paint will the engine get. Will it get that new scheme they did on the previous alco? Or will it get the clasic red paint?

Take care
  by njt4172
I am 80% sure the RS-11's will get the classic red paint! :D :D
  by njt4172
Let Me clarify. They will probably get the red paint that was previously stuck on the other alco's (4223, etc) The classic M&E paint you are referring to is probably the Orange with the blue stripes that was introduced on the M&E 14 in 1952...


  by rushhour
Sorry, when I said classic I meant the solid red scheme like the 18 and 19 have. Sorry for the confusion.

  by Jihn z
Good to hear that the RS-11 is gonna be painted... But I was under the impression that they were still not FRA compliant. Sandy any word on that?

  by Alcoman
The RS-11's will not pass FRA inspection until among other things, the doors to the cabs have to be modified.
LTV mining widened the doors to allow easy passage with a "belt pak" on. Remember, these used R/C up there.

  by EDM5970
I don't think the doors are an issue in regard to the FRA. There were no clearance issues involved in moving the ALGX units east that I was made aware of.

The big things are the lack 223 glazing, cutting levers, and getting the air up to date. Some of the main reservoirs aren't even drilled.

There also may be a little work needed on the bottom steps; I'd have to measure one to be sure.
  by RS115
Responding to NJT's post above. The original diesel scheme applied to numbers 14 & 15 from their purchase to the reactivation of #14 by the trustee was a darker red than the present with blue stripes (versus orange cited). The two dark blue bands ran the length of the units ending in arrow points on the ends of the hoods. The top stripe held 'Morristown & Erie' and the bottom the company's then motto 'Service is Our Business' (I've always wondered if they stole if from Shell Oil or it just happened). Originally on 14, the cab held the name on the top stripe while the bottom held the unit number (gold paint originally later shades of yellow) (14 was the Mauritius Jensen for a long time employee and 15 the R.W. McEwan for the long time president. In the M&E Railway era 14 was re-named the Thomas Peterson for the road's auditor turned GM who guided it through the dark days of bankruptcy and continued for several years with the new company prior to retirement). In the 60's sometime the road number on the lower stripe was replaced with the old company logo of an M over E. I don't know if 15 ever sported the road number on the lower stripe.
The Whippany museum (if you can catch it open) has some good photos. For early photos (mostly steam) try and pick up Thomas Tabor III's 1967 (69?) book 'Morristown & Erie Railroad - People, Paper & Profits'. Ebay or other private sale probably your best bet - long out of print.
  by Sandy Burton
M&E RS-11 #7215 was sitting outside the shop today getting a second coat of black paint. A band on the side of the long hood was masked off.

  by RS115

Did you see the 4223 while you were there? It disappeared a couple days ago, presumably in-doors. Are they finally going to finish her - been painted with no number boards for how long?? Seems to just get shoved out of the way from one spot to another around the shop. Any word on whether 4223 & 4228 will headed to Maine? A post on the old board hinted of mechanical issues with the 4228 and I assume the 4223 since it has not venture far at all. Pronosis? Figured they'd have been on their way long ago.

What else is inside the shops if you know? With all the new under cover space I've been surprised at how much/often the units sat out in the harsh weather all winter.

I have to ask - are you aware of some internal company contest to see how long they can run 18 without a cleaning before it gets mistaken for a Penn Central unit? (Actually same applies to 19 and any of the 'old' power when last seen.) The mechanical department is obviously up to its elbows but.... Give me some time on a Saturday and use of a steam cleaner and I'll do it for free. Just seems sad that the primary motive power at HQ is so filthy. :D


  by Sandy Burton

Both 4223 and 4228 were outside along side of the original shop on Friday. I have seen people working on 4223 occasionally when viewed from the parking lot, but I have no idea when, or if, these two locomotives will be going to Maine. 4223 still does not have number boards in the front nor all of its headlights.

I have not seen the 18 in a while, so can't comment on its cleanliness or lack there of. It is usually out on the road when I sneak over there at lunch time. 4228 is fired up fairly regularly to move equipment around the shop and, if they need two crews, it is used on freight on the original M&E. Lacking cab signals, it does not venture out onto NJT except in the company of 18.

  by joydivision350125
Could someone please post a current roster of in-service and out-of-service units? With all the new additions, I've begun to lose track... And now I understand #21 has been re-numbered...


Jeff Ellis