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  by lstone19
553, the UP-North private car, has been at California Ave. for the last at least three weeks. It was outside the shop for a couple of days and has been inside ever since (visible from Milwaukee District trains). Anyone know what's going on with it?
  by lstone19
Nothing? It's now been another three weeks and it's still inside the shop. Starting to wonder if the 553's club shut down.
  by qboy
The club that leases the car is behind on payments to Metra,and also there lease agreement hasn't been negotiated yet. Thats what I got from the engineer on that job when I ask him recently. I have feeling that car will be sitting for a while just as it has been already!
  by doepack
553 is back on UP/N, saw it at OTC today. Don't know how long it's been back, but I guess the club got current with their payments...
  by lstone19
Oh yeah, I forgot I started this topic. I saw it at Cal. Ave. in its train one day in December (either 12/24 or 12/31) when I was taking a holiday getaway extra home.