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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by Matt Langworthy
I love hearing the bark of that 251 prime mover in #506. Do WC-1 and H2O run on Friday, as well?
  by spflanger
I'm not that familiar with scanners. Although I have had one for years. I'm used to programming frequencies in.

What frequencies would Channel 41 or 82?


  by ClinchValley
Matt - The H2O runs seven days a week. WC-1 runs 5 days (not on Wed or Sat).

They used the new SD40-3 (6072) on the Silo job today, kind of like a shake down to make sure everything is working okay.
  by Matt Langworthy
Thanx. I foresee another trip to WCOR this spring/summer...
  by K4Pacific
Come this fall, there will be some work on a local railroad. The Corning & Wellsboro railroad received a $1.8M grant for upgrades. Walter Smith-Randolph reports. http://www.weny.com/news/All/rail-work-contract

CP77 to the PA Border.

You can catch water trains of Mulholland at 8pm most evenings too.
  by K4Pacific
CP77 is just south of the switch past the Gang Mills Yard Bridge over the Canisteo/Tioga Rivers on the NYC side. Does that help? How about north of Mulholland Rd., crossing at the switch to Gang Mills yard.
  by Matt Langworthy
K4, thank you for including the information on CP77. Even some folks who are well versed on RRing in the Twin Tiers (including me) don't know the techincal terms for each location. Knowg it's near Mulhollnad Road helps alot.
  by Jeremy Zella
It isn't that I am not well versed, just not from the area. I follow railroads around the commonwealth and not familiar with all the locations.

Ok, now that I know that is where the double tracking will begin, do they plan on installing a crossover for the trains to get into the yard? Since the connection will be made with the new rail.

  by MarkT
Last Saturday took a bus tour from Buffalo down here for a dinner train ride. Food prepared completely on the train, dinner was excellent all around and the whole trip is highly recommended.
  by K4Pacific
A TC special ran Monday out of Corning with several dignitaries, CVB, FLWC, etc. One passenger of particular interest, and friends with the Myles Group Family, was Ross Rowland. Oh my! You can begin all kinds inference here, but I'm not speculating anything.
  by spflanger
Could you elaborate on the following - CVB? FLWC?

  by poppyl
Given the passenger list and Mr. Rowland's presence, you must be thinking steam excursions between Corning and Wellsboro. Interesting concept. If anything happens with Mr. Rowland, I sure hope that it turns out more favorably than Greenbrier. And that's even before the local NY "environmentalists" rise up in protest over the emissions from an operating steam engine.

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