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  • Discussion pertaining to the past and present operations of the LAL, the WNYP, and the B&H. Official site: LALRR.COM.
Discussion pertaining to the past and present operations of the LAL, the WNYP, and the B&H. Official site: LALRR.COM.

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  by the1jp
It's Friday pm and things are quiet railway wise in Avon village but-
the ballast regulator (I think that is what that machine is called) is on the siding for King Cole Bean waiting for it's next job
while resting on the other side of the yard, by the construction stuff, the back-hoe sits.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring?
  by the1jp
New ties are sitting near the North end of the new East siding.
New switch to complete the siding?
As well, you an see some ties along the edge of the siding to Kraft. Tie replacement there!
  by alsorailfan
Was at Industry and noticed new ballast had been poured along the mainline. Wonder when it would be spread/tampered? And how much of the line has new ballast?

  by K4Pacific
From Gene Blabey himself;

The recently announced grant for track work on the WNYP main line between Carrolton and Salamanca involves an equal match provided by the WNYP.  The work is to be completed in 2012.
Rehabilitation of the Bath & Hammondsport's original line between Bath Jct. to a siding adjacent to the Steuben County Jail also requires a local match (10 percent).  That track is currently out of service.  After completion next year, B&H Rail Corp. will be able to serve Steuben County IDA industrial sites in the area of the jail.
  by the1jp
Some tie replacement in the Avon yard seems to be taking place. I am not sure where all the new ones went or will be going but I saw some new ties laying by the switch north of 5 &20 and some by the road into Al-Don.
  by Watch the train1
About 100 new ties are sitting on the ground in the Avon Village yard. Looks like some replacements going in.
  by Watch the train1
Does someone know what is being constructed at the yard in Rochester? As I drive over the crossing at Scottsville Road and look West I see something going on. Does anyone know what is happening?
  by Watch the train1
More new ties have shown up at the yard in Avon. Does anyone know what section of track is going to get these replacements?
  by Watch the train1
The new ties that showed up in the yard a couple of months ago are being spread north of the village of Avon. I am looking forward to watching some tie replacing soon.
  by avonrailfan62
Another significant load of new railroad ties are sitting in the Avon Yard. It did appear that the LA&L didn't arrive in Avon until the evening yesterday. This odd sight left me wondering if track maintenance season had begun along with the start of regular night time operations.
  by JeffofAvon
If anyone is interested in watching, I think the yard in Avon is getting new switches and ties are marked for replacement.
  by avonrailfan62
It appears that the trains are still operating in the evening into the night because of the on-going work in the Avon Yard. Looks to me like another spur is being added to the east along side the old loading ramp. Going to the depot "Duffy's" for dinner and beverages this evening and I'm hoping to feel the building/ground shake!
  by roc
I've noticed more n' better CWR, as well as less jointed track that looks painful. I think this is true of both WNYP and BPRR.

Your thoughts?
  by JoeCollege
Does WNYP still run between Hornell and Olean? Without coal traffic, I doubt it- there are no online customers in those two towns or in between, are there?
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