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  • Discussion pertaining to the past and present operations of the LAL, the WNYP, and the B&H. Official site: LALRR.COM.
Discussion pertaining to the past and present operations of the LAL, the WNYP, and the B&H. Official site: LALRR.COM.

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  by the1jp
I walked down to the Avon village station Saturday PM and found 4 brand new 39 ft pieces of 132# rail sitting by the Route 5 and 20 crossing. My guess is that they will be prepared to replace the present rails that cross the road there. Also,further south,some ties have been spread out for replacement on the Main.With all the road construction and tie replacement it should be interesting by the station for a while!
  by the1jp
Driving to work this AM saw tie replacement going on in the Avon village yard.
Avon village has a lot of construction going on if you want to look in on the workers!!
  by the1jp
While leaving town this Thursday AM a contractor was unloading new crossing gates and etc. at the 5 and 20 crossing in Avon village. It looks like an upgrade is in progress.
  by ERIE 360
The railroad will be doing some work on the northern section of the line. New and/or relay ties are going in, this area is too see some tamping before winter sets in as well.
  by railwatcher
As the Rt 5/20 Main St. Avon job is finishing, the construction company has added a raised center median area on both sides of the tracks. Should be interesting for trucks and snowplow operating this winter. A right turn from Rochester St. across the tracks is very tight in a 45 foot bus or tractor trailer.
  by the1jp
Is there more work being done on the roadbed on the ROW in the village of Avon south of Main Street? Looking up the hill I thought I saw a big pile of gravel in the place where the old siding used to end. Does anyone know what's up?
  by alsorailfan
As I quickly glanced thru this thread, unless I missed it, nothing was said about how the tie replacement/CWR was paid for. Some of it grant money? (especially for being able to draw Barilla to Livingston County??)

Anyways, if you look at the first and second pictures of the May 21st chase thread, you'll see that there is a growing mound of new ties and spikes. I'm ASSUMING that they are going to pick up the tie replacement where they left off more or less near East River Rd.?? (Also saw ballast being dumped but that was for the RGVRRM siding).

Thanks in advance for any accurate information!

  by railwatcher
Track 2 and 3 have recieved tie replacements that started yesterday on the south end and they are working northward up both east of the main sidings. They have the yard, for the most part, cleaned out of cars with them parked just on the west side of the main, on the Avon Industrial line and the Barilla sidings.

  by railwatcher
Note that there is also pink markings on the ground in and around the eastern most track. A truck dropped off several bundles of ties at the Avon yard. Maybe another track or an extenstion being added. Storage is surely needed. I am surprised they havent double tracked the Industrial line to Kraft, for storage.
  by the1jp
Grading for what appears to be a new siding is in progress.
Many trees on the east side of the present storage track have been removed and there are graders and earth moving equipment working there.
The 420 and 425 have been on-hand to move around stored cars as well as 4 gons.What's in them is unknown.
At the present time, the new siding appears to run parallel to the present east most sidings on the east side of LA&L property south from the Al-Don chemical road to the middle of the present yard ending almost across from the station.
I hope I haven't confused anyone, it's hard for me to explain.
Sorry, no pictures.
  by railwatcher
Rails are in place looks like they might still need alignment and ballast. Switch was installed at the southern end. There are two ties crossed with orange flouresent markings at the other end. It appears that a switch at that end may be delayed or be at least done until the spring. No cars on it yet, but I believe it is needing alignment to make it true.

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