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  by doepack
Riding home tonight on UP/W, myself and many others were treated to the sordid details of one man's personal life, as broadcasted via a cell phone conversation with his wife (or significant other). Sitting two seats in front of me in the opposite aisle, he was trying to explain to her why he wasn't coming home tonight; saying he was working late, etc., and apparently, this wasn't the first time. He started talking as we left downtown, but by the time we reached Oak Park, the conversation had intensified, and was beginning to get loud.

Meanwhile, a woman sitting directly behind him was starting to get visibly upset, and after 5 more minutes of drama, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She leaned over the seat, and said, in a sultry, sexy voice: "Hey baby, I thought you said you were going to be with me tonight... hang up that phone and let's have some fun!" The guy quickly turned his head, and had the most sheepish expression I've ever seen on anyone, his eyes were bulging, and he was just flush with embarassment. In total shock, he didn't say another word as he slowly grabbed his things, and moved to the next car. With a smile of smug satisfaction, the woman went back to reading her magazine, while I (and a few others) gave her a thumbs up! A very creative solution to an everyday problem...

Any others have cell phone horror stories to share?