• Walkill Valley NYC Operations (Freight leads in Walden)

  • Discussion relating to the NYC and subsidiaries, up to 1968. Visit the NYCS Historical Society for more information.
Discussion relating to the NYC and subsidiaries, up to 1968. Visit the NYCS Historical Society for more information.

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  by kinlock
That was New York Central. It was the Walkill Valley Branch. More of it's history at:
http://www.rosshorwood.com/RailSiteLink ... killValley

Can still see tracks in this map:
http://terraserver.homeadvisor.msn.com/ ... ew+york%7c

As well as a 26 car siding at Walden, there was a C.W. Hill coal trestle and a J.S. Walker private siding. As late as 1952, the station was open
7;30 A.M. to 4;30 P.M.

  by Otto Vondrak
Walden is my hometown! I always suspected there was a lot of activity therre. Still one customer left that NS services from the yard at Campbell Hall.


  by nysw3636
Last I knew, there were two customers in Walden. Truffa Seed and another just to the north. Did Truffa Seed close??

  by Otto Vondrak
I was reading about the disposition of NYOW cabooses on this page:


And this quote got me wondering: "The 8304, renumbered LIRR 70 and then 75. In 1962, was sold to the Walkill Valley Railroad at New Paltz, N.Y."

So okay, I'll bite. The only Walkill Valley I know was the NYC branch, which was fully active until 1977. Can someone elaborate about this "Walkill Valley Railroad" operation?


  by scottychaos

It was originally the Wallkill Valley Railroad.
from 1866 - 1881.
Was then taken over by the NYC..
so yeah, technically the WVRR no longer existed by 1962!
they probably just meant that the caboose was sold to the "Wallkill Valley branch of the NYC, at New Paltz"..probably many people still referred to the branch as the "Wallkill Valley Railroad" well into the 20th century.

Kind of like how I can refer to a train I just saw today going over the Portage bridge at Letchworth park as "running on the Erie tracks"! ;)


  by mackdave
This is a bit fuzzy, but here goes: There was a miniature outdoor RR in New Paltz back in the 60's. They had an O&W (via Long Island RR) caboose as an additional attraction. In those days (early teens) I collected "flyers" from all the northeast RR "tourist" operations. Had the Wallkill Valley flyer till housekeeping room requirements dictated it's demise, about 10 years ago. I think the caboose wound up in California, would have to check. This is the Wallkill Valley RR the site talks of.

  by BR&P
I agree with Mackdave's post. The NYC was a big railroad, and had many cabooses available. They almost certainly would not have needed to buy a third-hand NYO&W, and if somehow they did, it would have shown "sold to NYC" The branch itself would not have made the purchase.

  by Otto Vondrak
Well I figured it had to be a tourist operation or a park of some sort, since the Walkill Valley Railroad certainly did not exist as a separate operation in 1962. And I knew there was no reason NYC would pick up a second-hand NYOW wooden hack. Mackdave solved the mystery. Thank you! I wasn't sure if some private individual had purchased a 500' siding somewhere and was operating it as his own "private" railroad!

  by blockline4180
I'm currently vacationing at Mohonk Mountain House and I read that many hotel guests would take the train to New Paltz and then travel via horse and buggy up to the resort. Does anyone know when passenger rail service ended in New Paltz??

Also, what year did the last freight operate through the town before they tore up the tracks??

Thanks in advance!
  by JBlaisdell
Scotty is referring to the old line that ran through New Paltz itself and is now a railtrail. Not sure if you know it existed, since you asked about the West Shore. When you leave Mohonk, you will cross it at the east end of the Rte 299 bridge over the Wallkill River. The old station is on the north side and is now a restaurant. This branch ran down the Wallkill River valley from Kingston and met with the Erie's branch running up from Goshen, passing through Campbell Hall, running just west of Maybrook Yard and up to Montgomery. (I believe Montgomery is where the track officially changed owners- Erie south, NYC north.)

I'm not sure if the West Shore was too far away for a Mohonk "shuttle," though I am sure some patrons arrived that way. There also was a trolley between Highland and New Paltz at one time.

A side note: when you drop back down the mountain, turn right on 299. Just up the road, 299 bends left and a secondary road continues straight to a stone gatehouse. That was the original entrance to the property, with a private carriage road all the way up. Continue on 299, turn right at the crest of the slight hill onto Butterville Rd, and you will cross under a bridge from the old carriage road.
  by blockline4180
Thanks for that info...I left before you posted, but next time I go up there I'll check it out.

The last freight was in 1977, but is that when they tore out the tracks, or was it later??
  by Otto Vondrak
blockline4180 wrote:The last freight was in 1977, but is that when they tore out the tracks, or was it later??
Tracks on the Walkill Valley were removed between 1983-1984, excluding the parts south of Walden where active customers remained.

A good review of the old Walkill Valley Railroad history here:


  by blockline4180
Much appreciated Otto.

It shows that the tracks end in Walden, but my RR Atlas only shows the line active up to Montgomery. I'm assuming DeGroodt's Paving in Walden no longer receives rail service??