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  by Jeff Smith
Good detail in this article: https://www.constructionequipmentguide. ... ject/45396
In Connecticut, pre-construction efforts are under way on The Walk Bridge Replacement Project. The project is currently at 60 percent design, and is expected to start construction by summer of next year.
"This includes demolition of the IMAX theater, and relocation of the railroad power lines underground. In year two, we remove the existing high towers and construct the lift towers for the new Walk Bridge. We will start the construction of the southerly two tracks. While the southern tracks are out of service, work will begin on the concurrent Fort Point Street, East Avenue and Osborne Avenue railroad bridge replacement projects. During the third year of construction, we will complete the Walk Bridge's southern half approaches.

"The southern lift span will be built off-site using approximately three million pounds of steel and 45,000 bolts. The span will be floated-in and installed over an extended weekend while the existing swing span [all four tracks] is simultaneously removed and floated north for demolition. The Program would then open the two new southern tracks and begin work on the northern half of the bridge. This work will mirror the southern half and extends into year 4/5. The completion of the northern and southern halves of the bridges at Fort Point Street, East Avenue, and Osborne Avenue will occur simultaneously, to coincide with track outages for the Walk Bridge."
  by XBNSFer
I certainly hope the "off site" span construction is occurring "up river" (north, as in wherever they are floating the existing span for demo). Doesn't seem like a good plan to install the SOUTH span first if you then have to "float" the north span through it in order to install it.
  by DutchRailnut
psst you can open the south span to float the north span north.
  by hcobin
Construction will occur on a barge about 1/4 mile south of the current bridge. The barge will be moored adjacent to two open lots along Water Street on the west bank of the Norwalk River.
  by Jeff Smith
Trains.com Newswire
Connecticut — Walk Bridge Replacement Project (Opportunity Zone)
Up to $29,900,000
Connecticut Department of Transportation (Lead Applicant)
Amtrak (Joint Applicant)

Replaces the existing movable Norwalk (Walk) River Bridge, built in 1896, with two independent two-track vertical lift rail bridges. The project also includes associated improvements to the embankments and retaining walls on the bridge approaches, new catenary structures, and signal system upgrades. The existing bridge is beyond its useful life and is prone to malfunctions, especially when opening or closing. Its replacement will reduce speed restrictions, reduce the risk of service disruptions, and improve resiliency to extreme weather events. The project is identified as a regional priority in the Northeast Corridor Commission's five-year capital plan.
  by Jeff Smith
Apparently, there was a meeting last night on the Manresa Island proposal (for assembly): http://meetings.walkbridgect.com/

Per the page, it should be posted to Facebook tomorrow: https://www.facebook.com/WalkBridgeCT/
  by hcobin
CTDOT News Release June 19, 2020: Walk Bridge
A “state of good repair” FRA award totaling $29 million has been received as a result of a joint application submitted by CTDOT and Amtrak for the Walk Railroad Bridge replacement project in Norwalk. This 120-year-old movable bridge is a key link on the New Haven Line, which also serves Amtrak trains on the Northeast Corridor. The current bridge has at times proven unreliable when opening and closing for marine traffic on the Norwalk River below the tracks. The $29 million federal grant will be matched with State of Connecticut funding in the same amount, and will cover Amtrak’s share of the project. This additional federal funding for Walk Bridge is in addition to $160.9 million in federal funding provided through earlier federal grants.
  by Jeff Smith
Opening today at 1100: https://www.thehour.com/news/article/Me ... 359580.php
Metro-North said there could be some delays on the New Haven Line Tuesday morning if there are problems with closing the Walk Bridge.

“An opening of the Walk Bridge, in the vicinity of South Norwalk Station, is scheduled for 11:00 AM today. This opening could cause delays of 20-25 minutes,” the railroad said.

The 124-year-old bridge has had problems in the past with openings and closings.

Between 2018 and February 2019, there were 139 openings and 16 failures to properly close.
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