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  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by parkss1181
How's long should I be waiting to get Called up think for the assistant signal man (signal)
I got passed the written test and the mechanical and had a very well flowing interview. Only about 4 or 5 of around 30 passed the test I believe.. I had the interview 2 weeks ago. How long do you think it'll talk to get called? And also I have a clean background and only 20 years old with 5 years of electrical experience
  by puckhead
it can take quite a while. sometimes out of nowhere, a new class can get delayed, for all sorts of reasons. the only way to be sure is if you know other people in your candidates class and they get hired. or, if you know someone in that dept that might hear of the new class in training. then you didnt make it. i dont work in MOW, i work in MofE, but it was about 4 weeks wait for me to hear. that was in 2007. if you get called to take a drug test, unless you fail, you are pretty much hired. they used to just leave you hanging, but i have heard of people recently not getting hired receiving letters saying not at this time. not sure how true that is. at 20 yrs old, keep banging away at it, keep your nose clean in the mean time, and things should work out. sometimes it takes multiple applications, and a few years. sometimes first shot. its a crap shoot, really. if they gave you a contact # in the personnel dept, you could always ask, but dont be pushy. at least 4 weeks from the interview before you ask. always, be polite.

good luck
  by Sigz
The process is different for everybody. I know people who have been called and put to work in 3 or 4 weeks; I also know people who took months to get working.

The most important thing is that you're past the hardest parts of the hiring process. Hang in there.
  by parkss1181
I'm definitely not expecting to get hired right away as I know it's a pretty lengthy process. They told us tbe job starts hiring in 2018 as they are rebuilding tbe position for next year. My cousins brother is pretty certain I will get on as he got into the same position 8 months ago and I also have 4 references, 4-5 years experience (father isn't an electrician) and have my CDL permit. So I hope it works out and fingers are crossed! Really wanna get on and just work hard and learn everything I possibly can.