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  by Amtrak31
I was out at Lockport last night waiting for the HC's. Luckily, I saw one of them. 118 on #17. While waiting for #19, an announcement was made saying that it was late due to Freight Train Interference. No freight came through at all. I made a point to stay maybe another 15 minutes...still nothing. I was losing my light, so I headed home. Just a little while ago, I heard that Amtrak 305 caught on fire in Lemont, the next stop from Lockport, around the time I left last night. The HC's run on the same track as the Southbound Amtrak's. I'm guessing that the fire held up the HC's...or maybe there was another problem?

  by AmtrakFan
Yes it did it happen about 5:30ish fuel was leaking out of the Fuel Tank into the Engine Room. Train began again again about 7 or 7:30.

  by Amtrak31
Thanks, John. Now that I look back at it...it's kind of freaky considering I was pretty close to it.

  by MetraF40C607
The intereference was at 21st Street. Tha Joliet Sub sees maybe 2-3 trains a day, which usually run during the later nightime hours. If you stayed for the frieght, well, then, there's not much I can say for you, because you'd be waiting a LONG time.

  by Amtrak31
I didn't stay for the freight. I was at Joliet for 7 hours and saw 5 freight on the IC. Two UP Stack Trains, Two CN manifests, and a BNSF Manifest. Two UP Coal Trains also, but they only run on Track 4 from the EJ&E Yard to the Power Plant. I don't want to be streaming off topic here, so i'll stop.