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  by seaned
Can anyone tell how the wage progression works. The wage progression scale is as follows: 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 90%, 100%. Is this based on every 6 months or every 365 days? Thanks
  by DutchRailnut
every year
  by seaned
DutchRailnut wrote:every year

  by Steamboat Willie
Incorrect. Most agreement employees saw the wage progression extended a few years with recent rounds of collective bargaining.There are periods where an employee is at 70% for 2 years, and I believe 80% for 2 years.
  by truck6018
If you are already an employee and hired out prior to your crafts contract ratification, you are bound by the old progression scale. Example, If you hired on January 1st, you go up on step January 1st of next year, and so on.

The new wage progression is two years at 70% and two years at 85%.

I believe the only craft that has yet to ratify this round is the teamsters (B&B and track).
  by radioman2001
My wage progression was on my anniversary date each year. Maybe the difference is based on craft and contract.
  by Steamboat Willie
If you choose to transfer crafts, your step rate will take effect on your anniversary date when you originally hired out. Example: You hired out as a track worker on 1/1/10 and are promoted to locomotive engineer on 7/1/15, you will go up one step rate on 1/1/16. It is purely a labor relations issue and the instructors do have the information from HR when a class hires out.