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  by F40CFan
Does anyone know why F40PH-2 147 was named "Village of Hanover Park" when F40C 45 already had that name? It just seems strange.

I know at one time there were 3 "State of Illinois" locomotives, but that could just be kissing up.

  by AMTK84
The best guess I can give it is when it was named they thought it was going to run MILW-W. We all know that didn't happen; and I don't think Metra has bothered to change it. Like anything else, this is just a guess.

  by c604.
Because it was found out that putting "Village of Hanover Park" on it makes it go faster.

  by MetraF40C607
I kid you not, there is no response I can come up with to something like that.

  by AMTK84
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  by F40CFan
Geez, lets not get nasty. I thought this would be a "light" topic.

The only reason I asked, is that outside of the "State of Illinois", "Hanover Park" was the only name used on two units concurrently. I was wondering if this was significant because the F40PH is an Operation Lifesaver unit.

When they took the F40C names and applied them to F40PHs, they skipped Hanover Park so if there was a reason before, it doesn't appear to exist now.

  by MetraF40C607
Maybe, at one time, it was planned for 147 too run the MILW-W line for a while in trade for another unit.

  by MetraPace
I've often wondered why "Village of Hanover Park" was used twice as well. Unfortunately, I don't know the answer. I do know that it had nothing to do with the Operation Lifesaver logos because 147 was named that when it was in RTA paint as well as in Metra paint before the logos were applied. 605 (then 45) was also named that when it was in Northwest Suburban Mass Transit District paint. It is odd though that the only two names to be used on multiple units concurrenlty each had one unit with Operation Lifesaver logos and are the only Metra units to carry OL logos.

  by bones
Also remember that the F40C's were never owned by Metra/RTA.

40-52 were owned by the "Northwest Suburban Mass Transit District".
50-54 were owned by the "North Suburban Mass Transit District", also known as "Nortran".