NJ Transit Locomotive Engineer Training program

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NJ Transit Locomotive Engineer Training program

Post by ChippyJackson » Tue Jan 07, 2020 12:09 pm

Hey Folks,
Long time lurker around here. I have a question that I was hoping someone would be able to help me with.
I recently received notice to take the upcoming LETP assessment test. Before I go any further ill give some background. I have taken the test before and made it pretty far into the hiring process 2 years ago but had to back out for personal reasons. The time wasn't right. I was desperate to get out of a job I hated. I was working for the electric company in NYC for almost 14 years at the time. I have always wanted to work on the railroad. Its always called to me. Now if they called me and I was still with the electric company this would be a no brainer but last year I was hired to a new job that I really enjoy. Im not worried about the hours because the hours I work now are all over the place it was the starting over that was the scariest part and the temporary pay cut but we made it work.
My question is what is the 20 month class like pay wise? I just bought a house and I know the long game with the railroad is a comfortable living but im worried about putting a strain on my family. I know the starting rate is a little more than I make now not being at top pay yet( ill be at top pay at my current place in 18 months) But the OT is where I currently kill it. If someone can give me an example of what the take home would be & benefits cost. I would be most grateful.
If you're uncomfortable posting here feel free to DM me.

Thanks so much!

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