Gladstone Depot Demolition

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Gladstone Depot Demolition

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Opinion/Editorial: Please don’t give up on old depot
The old train depot at Gladstone — officially described as a “rare and unique surviving example” of late 19th-century railroad architecture — is slated for demolition, despite local efforts to save it.
A group called Friends of Gladstone Depot has been working with owner CSX for a year to try to save the old building, said Joanne Absher. State and county officials also have voiced their support.

Ms. Absher says CSX is violating a promise to keep the depot standing and allow it to be used as a senior and community center.

In a statement, CSX acknowledged its discussions with Friends of Gladstone Depot, but said that no agreement could be reached. “nspections of the property and structures revealed serious health and safety hazards that needed to be addressed before any transfer in ownership or relocation could occur.
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Re: Gladstone Depot Demolition

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The station bldg was "closed " in 1986,then allowed to "rot" in place to the point of being an "unsafe" building,of course CSX will NOT
allow any "outsiders" to do any temp repairs,and would rather "flatten" the building then sell/donate it.
This is Mantle Ridge at work,will not deal with local people,just "BIG MONEY" developers. :(
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Re: Gladstone Depot Demolition

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