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  • Discussion relating to the pre-1983 B&M and MEC railroads. For current operations, please see the Pan Am Railways Forum.
Discussion relating to the pre-1983 B&M and MEC railroads. For current operations, please see the Pan Am Railways Forum.

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  by RGlueck
New England Steam has begun a fund drive to replace the tender body (cistern/coal bunker) of Maine Central #470. We presently have ~$16,000 on account for this purpose, with several grant applications waiting a response. We want to raise the fund by $100,000 to complete the work require. 470's original tender will be used as a template or model for CAD drawing and new steel. Original hardware, such as bunker doors, stoker motor, grab irons,and ladder, will be incorporated into the new body. A contractor with an excellent reputation has been chosen. Once the $100,000 mark is raised, we believe a "new -old tender" can placed back on the original frame and trucks, within a year.

New England Steam Corporation's Facebook page is open, and has detailed information.
NRHS Chapter's, railroad clubs, preservation groups, or individuals who are interested in supporting this effort can email [email protected] to receive a short Powerpoint explaining the tender restoration.

Donations can be made by check, earmarked "tender fund", mailed to NESCO, P.O. Box 302, Winterport, Maine 04496 or by Paypal through Facebook or our website.

As always, any and all support is welcomed. A running total of the fund will appear on Facebook.

Thank you!
  by douellet
The tarp for the structure that will allow the 470 to be moved under cover for the first time in decades was pulled up over the trusses today. It was a good workout for us old fellows there today. We got it done!
  by MEC407
  by RGlueck
The Samuel Freeman Foundation Trustees have chosen New England Steam Corporation's tender rebuild project as recipient of a grant of $50,000! The Freeman Foundation would like to see this funding figure matched to bring the total to bear on getting 470 a "new, old tender"! I say " a new, old tender", because new steel will be fabricated using the original as a template. The assembly process will use hot riveting, the historical technique used by American Locomotive Works in 1924.
We are about Preservation, Education, and Heritage tourism.
  by MEC407
Congratulations! Another huge milestone.
  by RGlueck
My official estimate is about $73K total, with your donations and two grants. We need to bring that up by about $30,000 more. This is why I respectfully request you readers to bring this before your club, model railroad society, preservation group. When you donate, it builds and brings us much closer to paying those who are doing the work.

If your organization has a grant program, please let us know about it!

Besides the tender rebuild (A completely new tender in a year, guys!), I am writing grants to fund electrification of the shop building. I estimate that at $10K. Today the workers constructed door frames for the two mechanical doors that will open the west end of shop. Those have been purchased with two substantial, private donations.

We are always moving forward and building, modifying, or constructing. Many of you are members and contributors or donors. The beneficiary of what you donate is the locomotive. We do not get personal remuneration from this project. Remember, Maine Central 470 is in the custody of NESCO, but it belongs to you, your children, grandchildren, and generations yet unborn.
  by RGlueck
Rain or Shine! Free Admission! Sit in a Diesel locomotive cab! Ride the caboose "hop"! Explore railroad equipment and meet the steam locomotive 470 restoration crew. Blow the whistle and ring the bell! Hats and tee shirts available, free Governor's treats, electric train display, and more. Meet the Downeast Scenic crews, with a special afternoon train at 1pm. A great time for families, children, and train lovers in general.
Come get in touch with your "inner train"!

Donations to restore Maine Central 470 gratefully accepted.

June 09, 2018 09:00AM to 1:00PM

Washington Junction Yard, Railroad Siding Road, Hancock, Maine

http://www.newenglandsteam.org" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; or [email protected]
  by RGlueck
October is the renewal date for 2019 dues to New England Steam Corp., and your involvement in the restoration of MEC 470.

A huge amount of work has taken place this year so far, and much more will be undertaken. We now work indoors, rain or shine. There is always work to be done, admittedly, not all of it is glamorous - like assembling shelves and scraping paint - but it needs to be done. Workers must be safety trained and wear hard hats, hard toe shoes, eye protection, safety vests and gloves. Be prepared to get dirty.

If you wish to come onsite and visit where we work, drop us an email at [email protected] .
  by RGlueck
Time to "re-up" or make your first membership to New England Steam Corporation! October to October is our membership cycle, and we want to grow our membership. Go to http://www.newenglandsteam.org" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; to join by Paypal or to download a membership for to mail in. Restoration is a year round event, and your active membership underwrites tons of projects, large and small.
Please join or renew today or as soon as you are able!
  by S1f3432
I saw your request per Standard HT-1 stokers in another forum and found what may be a couple of resources.
N&W Historical Society: https://www.nwhs.org/archivesdb/detail.php?ID=156936" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania Collections: http://www.phmc.state.pa.us/bah/dam/mg/ ... ys3Pt1.pdf" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

box/folder 7/24 The Standard Stoker Company Standard HT-1 Stoker- Publication No. 60-A-
Description and Instructions for care, operation and maintenance.

http://www.phmc.state.pa.us/bah/dam/mg/mg199.htm" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;, The Howard G. Hill Collection (R.R.80.39), Publications

I also found a couple of listings for this booklet on Ebay but not sure how recent or reliable they are. Good luck!
  by S1f3432
According to CN Steam (McQueen, 2013, Railfare) CN 5288 had an HT which was removed a year or so ago and
installed on Southern 4501 by the Tennessee Valley RR Museum so they might also be a source of info.
  by S1f3432
A little more stoker info. Descriptive materials and illustrations in the 1941 Locomotive Cyclopedia from the
Standard Stoker Company indicate that the same 7X7 2 cylinder engine was used in the MB, HT and BK stokers
along with other standardized parts, the primary differences being in the elevator portion of the conveyor where
the coal is raised from the horizontal screw to the firebox. CN 3254, which in recent times has operated at
Steamtown, ( along with CN 3377- also at Steamtown ) had BK stokers installed by CN, so Steamtown shop
personel would also be a source of information.
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