• LIRR seeks to lease 8-21 MARC coaches (for Montauk Summer)

  • Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by trainbrain
Could LIRR borrow anything from Metro North? The P32's are more than capable of using over-running third rail as they do on Amtrak and Metro North doesn't have a huge increase in demand for summer (actually probably a slight decrease). I know the DE/DM 30's can't run with anything but the C3's which is why I mentioned the P32's.
  by DutchRailnut
non, other than wiring harness for 32 point MU on de/dm's vs 27 point MU on cars .
  by trainbrain
If it's that simple, then there's no excuse for having their equipment shortages. They could've picked up pretty much any used single level cars for a steal and then put them on some of the lower ridership trains in the diesel system.
  by DutchRailnut
just not much single level equipment available .
  by ConstanceR46
Yeah, dutch's right; NJT has a shortage, i don't think MN has any to spare and MBTA's MBBs were rotting from the inside-out.
  by Jeff Smith
I'm not so sure about P32's running on LIRR even with the shoe modification; I think the signal aspects are different? Amtrak only runs their P32's out to Sunnyside.
  by edflyerssn007
So it looks like the consensus is that LIRR will be short again this summer. Is it possible that with the M9 cars coming onto property that some of the diesels that operate in electric territory getting moved out and used solely on the non-electric territory and the M9's being used instead? Delay the retirement of the M3's to keep capacity up?
  by DutchRailnut
The M-9's won't be in service till well into fall if all testing goes as planned.
  by krispy
Honestly, is it even needed? The zoo that spawned the "Montaukalypse" seems to have moved on - thankfully - from the East End. It appears that human hurricane moved back to the Jersey Shore or points West (Sorry RVC... NOT!! :wink: ) What were the numbers from last year, compared to '15 or '16? Very few Sundays last year were bad weather, so ridership should have a good reflection of what the crowd was like. While I didn't personally do a head count, it did seem to be a lot less than '15. Given the effect of the 261, they might even be able to start eating away at the Jitney crowd...
  by hs3730
After piecing together info from the various threads regarding these MARC leases:
NJT has gotten 10 trailers, 0 cabs.
Amtrak will be getting 12 cabs, 0 trailers.

There are only 16 Marc II cabs total, and LIRR wanted many cabs because they have bathrooms. So while there's plenty of coaches left for LIRR to take, perhaps they do not want to have to reduce their 1:1 ratio of bathroom cars.

Interestingly, LIRR could lease their C1 train back from Iowa Pacific for the summer, now that SNCRR has gone belly up...
  by Silverliner II
MARC trailer coaches 7790-7799 have restrooms as well. But I'm guessing some of them remain for MARC's own services, as the xx90-xx99 blocks of trailer coaches are their only restroom-equipped trailers for each group of cars in their fleet.
NJT got trailers 7700-7708 and 7714 (the four cars that remain in the 7709-7713 group are the designated MARC bicycle coaches; the one remaining was wrecked and scrapped from the Georgetown Junction crash, but I forget which one it was).
  by DutchRailnut
on another board it was noted that Amtrak will not be needing the MARC cab cars as sufficient P32acdm's will be modified with escape hatch .
they will all be returned within a few weeks
  by blockline4180
Interesting... There are 12 of those correct? I wonder if LIRR and or NJT would even be aware of the fact that another 12 would be available if need be, since they are still short?
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