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  by Engineer Spike
I was wondering if the mileages on the Penn Division had their own mileage series, due to the joint Erie track, or if they continued from Albany, down the Susquehanna Sub?
  by ChiefTroll
The D&H track on the Penn Division had mile posts with two numbers - miles from Albany on one side, and from Wilkes-Barre on the other. The "magic number" was 211, so the numbers on each milepost added up to 211. The D&H bought the Jefferson Branch from the Erie about 1955, and I believe I remember that the Erie mile posts existed until then, with miles from Lanesboro (on the Erie) to West Carbondale, then picking up the D&H miles again to Wilkes-Barre on the D&H. When the D&H bought the Jeff, they left the Erie mile posts in place, but placed A and WB mileage numbers on them so there was a mileage equation (long or short miles) at Jefferson Jct. and West Carbondale. SW Cabin at Nineveh Jct. was A-188.2 and Wilkes-Barre was A-211.6.

The Susquehanna Division used Albany and Binghamton mileage numbers. The magic number was 143 (via the Albany Main from Kenwood Jct to Delanson).

- Gordon Davids
  by mikeexplorer
In many cases the original Jefferson mile points can still be seen on the remaining posts. I can't post a picture of one but the original mile points were filled in and then painted over with the Penn Division numbers. As an example The post "A-150" was "13" but that number was filled in and painted over. The numbers for the Erie decreased as you head towards Jefferson Junction.

In all the posts I found along the Penn Division, both sides were painted with the "A" (Albany) designations, never saw a "W" on one side of the post. I have found the following posts.

146*,148*,150,153,157,158,160*,13,164,167*,173*,174,182 *=post was toppled over and unreadable.

  by ChiefTroll
You are correct, Mike. Now that I think about it, the mileposts on the Jeff only showed Albany miles after the D&H converted them. The original Erie mile post 0 was either at JA Tower in Lanesboro, just east of Susquehanna Yard, or Susquehanna Station. Jefferson Jct would have been A-141.5. Erie MP 5 would have become D&H A-142, so that works out right for the equation of Erie 0 = A-137. Even before the purchase of the Jeff, the D&H had run the Albany and Wilkes-Barre mile post series between Nineveh and Jeff Jct, and between West Carbondale and Wilkes-Barre, interrupted by the Erie mile posts on the Jeff.

Gordon Davids