Great HO scale models of the CNW in the 1970s

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Great HO scale models of the CNW in the 1970s

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Alcos, Grain Elevators and Slow Track: The HO 1970’s C&NW Seneca Subdivision, by Dennis Eggert/photos by Jeff Eggert, except as noted ... ra_cnw.php
During the 1970’s, the Chicago & North Western railroad still rostered an interesting mix of first and second generation diesels. This was especially true on the C&NW’s secondary line between Winona, Minnesota and Pierre, South Dakota, which ran through southern Minnesota. In 1969, the C&NW segregated minority locomotive types in geographical regions of the railroad. This resulted in greater fleet maintenance efficiency. Alco diesels were assigned to the Winona-Pierre line with the Huron, South Dakota roundhouse as their home shop for maintenance. The Alcos diesels dominated the line, so much that rail fans named it "The Alco Line." The line ran through cornfields over hogback hills between the prairie towns, with the tall grain elevators visible for miles. Much of the grain moving on the line was still carried in 40-foot boxcars, some still painted with 1950s billboard lettering and "Route of the Streamliners" advertising. The track on the line was maintenance deferred with some 10 MPH segments. The good track might be good for 35! The atmosphere of the line was very unique; like a working motive power and freight car museum.
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Re: Great HO scale models of the CNW in the 1970s

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Dude, that's awesome!

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Re: Great HO scale models of the CNW in the 1970s

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As a DM&E conductor outta Waseca, I find this particularly rad.

Nickel Plate Road should have merged with ERIE.


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