Where can I find MILW timetables online?

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Where can I find MILW timetables online?

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My dad is an old Milwaukee Road conductor and recently went on a trip through some old Milwaukee Road territory in Montana and Idaho. While he was there he purchased a milepost that resided at 1732 on the Montana Sub. He has tasked me with finding where exactly that was and the closest I can come is that it was somewhere near Haugen and Drexel. I know it would be in a timetable, but I can't for the life of me find any online. He stated that I could also find it in a Consolidated Profile for the sub, but I can't find anything related to that either. I was just hoping that maybe, just maybe, someone on here could help provide us an answer.


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Re: Where can I find MILW timetables online?

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September, 1945 Official Guide has: Drexel 1726, Henderson 1730, DeBorgia 1732, Haugan 1736.

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Re: Where can I find MILW timetables online?

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You might check out Michael Sol's Milwaukee Road Archives:


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