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If the C&NW had Alco PAs what would the number series most likely be?

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Re: C&NW PAs

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They never had PA's, but they did have a DL109.
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Re: C&NW PAs

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Well, taking a look at the CNW roster:


1940's and 50's passenger diesels are all in the low 5,000 series.
(all EMD except for the lone DL-109)

EMD FT freight units go up to the 5400 series..

Looks like either 5100 or 5500 series would make the most sense for late 40's Alco PA's..
(before or after the EMD FT's)

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Re: C&NW PAs

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I wonder if the numbers were tied to horsepower?? Most railroads originally bought FT's as A-B+B-A sets, totalling 5400 HP (1350 HP per unit). I know some railroads did use HP to determine diesel numbering.

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Re: C&NW PAs

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They did have some FA-1's.


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