C&NW extant draw bridges in Milwaukee

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C&NW extant draw bridges in Milwaukee

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Been searching around for an answer to a curious inquiry, to no avail. UP- ex CNW- has two river drawbridges still in place near downtown Milwaukee: the Milwaukee River, and the KK river.

The former - which once served as the "throat" to the old CNW Lakefront passenger station and associated servicing yards - is almost certainly OOS at this point. That former industrial area has been transformed by Summerfest, expensive condos, parking lots, etc. The last of the industrial business seems to have dried up by the mid 2000's.

The KK River bridge, however, is clearly still in use: the UP "Marsh Job" still serves a few industries in Walker's Point, via the "National Ave Industrial Lead" (the old main line north from St Francis Jct.)

So my question is this. There are no longer any home signals protecting either of these drawbridges: just simple "STOP" signs. The normal position of the bridges is FOR boat traffic, and AGAINST rail traffic. The bridge tenders have been gone for many years. So, today, exactly how do the crews close either one of these bridges, to get their trains across? Is there a radio tone-in, or a wayside box with a push-button, or what? Is the Milwaukee Rv. bridge still "officially" in-service, even though it hasn't been crossed in years?

I have a current copy of the UP timetable, but being that this is not mainline trackage, these details are not outlined in it. Don't have ready access to the division G.O.'s, alas.
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