C&NW Red Cabooses from early 70's

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C&NW Red Cabooses from early 70's

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When I was young (early 70s) I used to watch the C&NW switch at the yard in Waukegan and again in Gurnee Illinois (specifically Horner Box Factory) and have fond memories of the high-hood feel winding out with the red caboose right behind as it was kicking cars. The red paint scheme was on the exact caboose style of the yellow that was true from the mid 70's to the railroads demise. I cannot find ANY photos or references to these red cabooses anywhere. Am I crazy or have any of you the same recollections of the red paint scheme??

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Re: C&NW Red Cabooses from early 70's

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It's a real paint scheme, but it went away in the early 70's. I've seen pictures of MP15s coupled to a red caboose, and those arrived ca. 1975. But during that period, everything got repainted to yellow and green. And then around 1981, the rebuilding program started and anything still in service got swept into the safety yellow scheme.

Here's one in 1974:


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Re: C&NW Red Cabooses from early 70's

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This is a restored one, but I think it's what you're talking about??


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