U33 Control Stand

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U33 Control Stand

Post by Typewriters » Sun Jun 16, 2019 9:06 pm

I was lucky recently to acquire an unusual version of GE manual GEJ-3844, normally simply the manual for the U30 series as introduced. As usual it shows the typical early “three-lever” control stand as you’d expect (16 notch KC-99 master controller.) The manual date is 3-67.

Inserted in the back however is a short three page addition, “GEJ-3857 / Use with GEJ-3844” dated 11-67 and titled “Operating Instructions Supplement - General Electric Model U33 Diesel-Electric Locomotive.”

The entire supplement shows and describes the “two lever” stand known in later units (16 notch throttle, five notch reverser / dynamic brake selector, Master Controller model KC-102.)

There has been some question in the past here and elsewhere exactly when the control style break occurred, and now we have another piece of the puzzle. Of course the KC-99 was dropped and all GE units used the KC-102, even having it modified to just eight notch form before being replaced by the KC-108 in the AAR Standard Control Stand.
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