Which Graybacks at Creston, IA - 1948-1949?

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Which Graybacks at Creston, IA - 1948-1949?

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I am trying to figure out which model graybacks I would have seen at Creston, Iowa in the 48-49 era.

I am assuming they were probably FT's rather than F3's. I'd love to get confirmation.

Thanks to anyone who knows.


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Re: Which Graybacks at Creston, IA - 1948-1949?

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They could have been FT's, F-2's, F-3's, or F-7's.

FT's would have been the easiest to remember, with their multiple close-spaced "portholes". CB&Q was one of the few railroads to roster F-2's. They were an interim model before full-scale production of F-3's. Basically an F-3 carbody with FT internals.

Creston, on the Denver Main, was apt to see about anything.


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