CB&Q Junction - SW Iowa

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CB&Q Junction - SW Iowa

Post by spalmer »

I posted this message in a different forum, but no response, so I'll try the same question here:

Does anyone have any information about the CB&Q - Wabash (Later N&W) junction in Southwest Iowa (between Clarinda and Shenandoha, I think).

Things I'm curious about:

Was there an interlocking tower there at any time?

Did this Wabash subdivision have a name?

When did passenger service end?

I heard that this line is a trail?


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Post by dhaugh »

I don't have a map of that area on hand, but are you referring to Pacific Junction, which is in SW Iowa, where the old Quincy main crosses another, now BNSF, route south of Council Bluffs?


Not P-Junction.

Post by spalmer »

Thanks, but I'm well-acquainted with Pacific Junction and that's not the one. :-)
The former junction I'm referring to is probably about 30-40 miles east of Pacific Junction. It was where the old Wabash line (north-south) crossed the CB&Q (east-west).

The Wabash line went through Shenandoah, IA and continued north Council Bluffs.

But thanks for the reply!




Post by squints16 »

I realize that it has been some time since your post, but I will follow up anyway. The old C.B. & Q. and the Wabash met in Malvern, Iowa. In fact, three railraods connected in Malvern; the third being the Tabor and Northern.

Prior to 1904, there was a watchtower located at the junction in Malvern. However, in 1904, the Burlington built a new line about a quarter of a mile further north and decided to cross over the Wabash line. Therefore, there was not need for a watchtower.

If you send me an e-mail I will provide you with pictures of the old watchtower and the building of the overpass.

Finally, you are correct that the Wabash has been turned into a trail. It runs from Council Bluffs to the Missouri state line.

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