SP&S In Color - only diesels?

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SP&S In Color - only diesels?

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Does Morning Sun's book "SP&S In Color - Diesels of the Northwest's Own Railway" include any of the usual MS material - capsule history, maps, some steam photos including at least the 700, a little modern OE coverage, a few pix of cabooses, passenger , work and freight equipment (OK, I know there's a separate book on equipment) ?

I'm interested in a good general study of SP&S. Several appeared in the 1990s - which ones are best? Also I have the RMC and Rail Classics articles which give roster/equipment rundowns. The Gaertner "North Bank Road" is a good history
but would require a $50 trip to the local bindery; my interlibrary loan copy came apart in chunks! And no color.

I've amassed at least one book on each major US/Can road. SP&S is about the last one left. I'd appreciate any advice so I don't miss a lot or overspend. Thanks!

James E. Bradley Lehigh Valley Chapter N.R.H.S.

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