China Takes a "Cue from the Q"

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China Takes a "Cue from the Q"

Post by Gilbert B Norman »

If you can access the Wall Street Journal site, this article will prove interesting to "Q" fans amongst us:

The article depicts how the Chinese rail line to Tibet is envirofriendly; an accompanying photo shows a passenger train being pulled by Amtrak P-42 "look a likes' crossing a trestle and underneath and around such are a herd of very contented looking antelope. The photo is intended to show such serenity and that the new railroad is in harmony with the environment.

Only problem; the photo is a fake.

The professional photographer used Photoshop to create what his overseers wanted to see with not much attachment to reality. This revelation has further strained already strained relations between the Chinese central government and the semi-autonomous region of Tibet.

Since this site is not here to discuss foreign relations, but rather railroads, it reminds me of an ad piece the CB&Q one did. During 1956, when the Denver Zephyr was reequipped, there was an ad showing the DZ running on a three track mainline right to the face of the Rockies; a couple of dudes atop their oatburners were there to watch the passing.

That ad piece too was a fake.

What Q did was to rent some nags from a local stable, take them out to near Lisle IL, or some 7 miles West of my home. In front of a standing set of DZ equipment, the nags and riders were positioned near the Dome-Obs and presto - any railfan would have been glad to have that photo in his collection.

Now its time to retreat to the photo shop and with scissors rather than computers, the train, a signal bridge, and the oatburners with their mounts were superimposed over a publicity photo of Pikes Peak!!!

Oh well, it was just an ad; dig out your TRAINS from back then and you will find the very ad I address.


Post by uhaul »

May you post that picture from the Q? If I was just handed this picture I might have been able to notice its falseness real soon. Some photoshop jobs are harmless, but this is obviously not one of them. It would not surprise me that the photographer is being used as a scapegoat.

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