BN - white stripes on rear end of locomotive?

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BN - white stripes on rear end of locomotive?

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Hello BN-Fans,

I wondered about some BN GP20 that had the white striping on the long hood end but had the short hood end designated as front. Were they originally designated long hood as front? BN 1800 is such a locomotive for exsample. All GP7,9 and other later locomotives I have seen so far were short hood front and showed the stripingon the front. Thanks! Rolf

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Yep they put the stripes on which ever end was the front. So if its long hood forward they are on that end. Some of the GP-7's and 9's were NP and CB&Q which were short hood forward. The ex-GN and SP&S GP's were long hood forward, explaining the stripes on the long hood.
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