Question about the Burlington & Missouri River RR in NEB

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Question about the Burlington & Missouri River RR in NEB

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Let's all get into the way back machine, shall we? I understand that the C.B.& Q. acquired the B&MoR RR in NEB in 1882, but did the latter operate as a nominally separate company for a while? If so, until when?

I ask because I have an old B&MoRRR NEB switch key that would appear to date from after 1900--and some people have claimed the key dates to the 1920s.

If I've stumped the group, can anyone refer me to someone who might know?




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While the Burlington and Missour River Rail Road in Nebraska was virtually under the control of the C.B.&Q. for some time, in technically never was a subsidiary of the "Q". It remained an independent coroporation until, on December 31, 1879, the directors of the B&M accepted terms of consolidations proposed by the C.B.&Q. On July 26, 1880, all of the property of the B&M was deeded to the C.B.&Q. The land department continued to operate under the original corporate title after this, but I am not sure for what length of time.

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