1952 Electric locomotives for GN

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1952 Electric locomotives for GN

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In 1952, the Pennsylvania Railroad took delivery of some modernized technology electric locomotives. The PRR classified them as E2b; they looked a bit like Alco FA diesels (whose carbody, after all, had been designed by a GE industrial designer). Two similar units were sent to demonstrate on the Great Northern, which apparently felt it didn't really need more electric locomotives for its short Cascade Tunnel electric district and sold them to the PRR.

Does anyone here have any information about detail differences between the units delivered to the PRR and the two sent to the Great Northern? In particular: on the PRR, these locomotives had rheostatic (dynamic) brakes, but earier Great Northern electrics had regenerative braking. Since GN's fixed plant (substations, etc) were set up up to allow for regenerative braking, did GE install regenerative braking equipment on the two locomotives set to the GN?

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Re: 1952 Electric locomotives for GN

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The pair of GN locomotives had illuminated number boards above the headlights, so that you could tell that they were the 2nd hand version when painted for Pennsylvania RR.

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