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Does anyone know what happened to the 9500-9503 SD60MACs after BN bought the 350 70MACs? I've always had an interest in these units.


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The four units were sent back to EMD in 1997. Now one or two of them is coupled to a SD70ACe providing extra horsepower, and braking power at a EMD test track. All four still exist.
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Still trying to figure out why UP continues to buy SD70M's instead of
SD70MAC's. Anybody have knowledge of why?


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Good, solid, dependable power -- lower price. They've also gone back to the old reliable analog gauges/instruments -- same reasoning.

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It's not the EMD Test Track, but the DOT test track in Pueblo, Colorado where all four SD60MACs reportedly reside.
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Tahnks for the correction SSW9389.

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The BN Logos on the cabs got ripped off and now have a 'Electro-Motive' blue banner on the sides. The nose logo still exists.

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