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  • Discussion relating to the pre-1983 B&M and MEC railroads. For current operations, please see the Pan Am Railways Forum.
Discussion relating to the pre-1983 B&M and MEC railroads. For current operations, please see the Pan Am Railways Forum.

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  by RGlueck
Preservation is a tight rope. From what I've read in your responses, preserving perhaps a portion of the original as a display piece, show the original assembly techniques might be warranted. In that manner, original workmanship is retained and the bulk of the severely damaged original could be "harvested" as scrap. Nobody wants to see it go, since it is no longer an off the shelf item. On the other hand, it becomes an attractive nuisance if left around to collect more water and attract varmints.
I need to reflect a bit, on how whole lines of steam locomotives were slaughtered wholesale, during the fifties and sixties. Most remained serviceable, yet the investment in them was long past. The only thing to do was store them under cover (Sweden did) or leave them open for deterioration (US did).
The decision is a long way off, so for some time to come, I hope you'll be able to see the original and the new replacement, side by side after delivery.
Please keep your comments coming.
  by arthur d.
Cut the whole thing into 4 inch squares, number them and sell them off to foamers. Call it a fund raiser
  by gokeefe
Use boat shrink wrap and store it on blocks. Preserves for future reference (if ever necessary), avoids requirements for abatement, prevents corrosion by keeping water out, saves everybody the headache (and heartache) of scrapping. Give it new shrink wrap as needed every 3 or so years. Keeps vandals away and shrink wrap would immediately show evidence of entry or destruction.

You don't have to decide now. And this minimizes the expense and efforts associated with parts no longer in use.

Keep up the great work!
  by RGlueck
Located in Washington Jct. Yard, on the Downeast Scenic Railroad. Maine Central 470 is dry, indoors, being worked on all year long.
Boiler is being stripped by UMO engineering students. Tubes and flues may be pulled this year. Valve gear has just been removed for cleaning and examination. Cab is being rebuilt as a winter indoor project, though it's not a huge priority right now. Tender tank has been ordered and should be completed by April.
Immediate goals include raising $50K for installation of a service pit and drop table, and $30K to have cylinders and valve cages resurfaced and pistons resurfaced.
Your membership and donations go directly into this project and nowhere else.

No, the window you see are in storage, and not for the cab!
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  by RGlueck
Two historical documents have been placed on the New England Steam website.  One is a PDF of 1974 engine houses and yard service tracks, dated for 1974.  The second is a 1937 set of guidelines for re-railing B&M #6000, aka "The Flying Yankee".  These should be of interest to modelers and historian alike. 
  by RGlueck
While the NESCO shop has been closed to workers for two weeks and likely for at least another week, you will be pleased to know, Millinocket Metal and Fabrication is continuing to construct the new 470 tender within the confines of their building. Furthermore, the new sides for the 470 cab have been completed in another commercial shop and will be delivered in another few days.
In the meantime, check Facebook and our website for updates, or better still send in your membership and get the newsletters as they are released. Thanks for your patience while we collectively get this viral plague understood and under control.
  by RGlueck
470's new tender tank will be delivered to Washington Jct. NESCO shop by truck, May 22nd. Please view it from outside the fence and do not come into the Downeast Scenic Railroad's yard. The new tank will be placed directly behind the old tank for several weeks, before being moved indoors for riveting.
  by gokeefe
Who would have ever imagined 10 years ago that the phrase, "new tender tank delivered" was going to happen? We all had hopes and dreams but to see them actually happenning is another matter entirely.

Job well done NESCO. Keep up the great work!
  by RGlueck
Okay, if you're a Maine Central fan, if you've wondered why somebody didn't do something about Maine Central 470 while it stood in the park, if you love railroading history in New England, if you are excited about railroad restoration, and you're still not a member or donor to New England Steam Corporation, why?

Donors are as much of the work force as knuckle skinners.
Members are the backbone and life blood of the 470 restoration.
470 is in parts, but most parts are getting regular attention and some are already restored to function.
All funding goes into the locomotive restoration and nowhere else.
Donations and memberships are tax deductible.

Please go to www.newenglandsteam.org and become a member or renew your membership. Find us on Facebook. Make a donation to "git 'er done". It's happening now, but your funding will shorten the calendar until you see her back in steam.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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