2/26/41 - TAKOMA PARK, DC

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2/26/41 - TAKOMA PARK, DC

Post by shlustig » Mon Feb 26, 2018 9:19 am

Located on the Metropolitan Sub of the Baltimore Division between Washington and Silver Spring. ABS Rules apply. Double-track mainline situated on a 20' high fill.

EXTRA 4834 EAST with 44 cars + caboose had stopped to do local switching. Flagman protected the rear end.

EXTRA 4444 EAST with 53 cars + caboose passed the "APPROACH" signal at estimated 60mph and did not promptly reduce speed; passed the "STOP & PROCEED" signal at about 20 mph without stopping. Rear end of the proceeding train was about 1/2-mile beyond; impact speed estimated at 10 mph.

Fireman and Head Brakeman jumped prior to impact; Engineer was killed when 4444 overturned on went down the embankment along with the caboose of the prior train, both landing on the street below. Other cars derailed and slid partway down the fill.

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