1/23/51 - OWENS, OHIO

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1/23/51 - OWENS, OHIO

Post by shlustig » Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:51 am

Located on the C&O between Columbus and Toledo (Walbridge). Weather was heavy snow.

Train 97 (Eng. 1646, 107 cars + 2 cabooses) passed Prospect at 2:54PM and stopped at Owens about 10 minutes later in accordance with signal indication. The rear-end crew provided flag protection. Within 5 minutes the engineer sounded the whistle signal to recall the flag, but before they reboarded they observed the following train (X-3031 West, 16 cars + caboose) closely approaching at speed.

Impact speed was about 35 mph. The 2 cabooses and rear 4 cars of #97 were derailed as was the engine, tender, and head 6 cars of X3031. The 3031 overturned on the left; fireman died and the engineer and head brakeman were injured. Engineer said that he could not see the 2 proceeding signals because of snow and drifting smoke, but that the fireman called both as "Clear".

Query: what types of locomotives were the 1646 and 3031?

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