Discussion relating to the operations of MTA MetroNorth Railroad including west of Hudson operations and discussion of CtDOT sponsored rail operations such as Shore Line East and the Springfield to New Haven Hartford Line

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  by Steamboat Willie
Right now the first phase of operable PTC will be from Bridgeport to New Haven, and Tarrytown to Croton. I was told this was strategically done as both divisions handle Amtrak and foreign freight RR's. And there is ongoing outside contractor work going on right now related to PTC.
  by Jeff Smith
Not going to make it: Westchester Magazine

Brief, fair-use quote:
Metro-North Will Not Meet Deadline for Safety Technology Installation
Despite receiving $1 billion in loans to do so, the commuter rail line has yet to install Positive Train Control in any of its locomotives.

Metro-North Commuter Railroad will not meet a year-end deadline to install technology that prevents trains from exceeding speed limits and helps avoid collisions, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) reported to Congress this week.

According to the report from the FRA, only 29 percent of commuter train lines are targeting to complete the installation of Positive Train Control (PTC) by the deadline. The national deadline was set in 2008, after a California passenger train derailed killing 25 people. The accident prompted Congress to pass the Rail Safety Improvement Act, which required both commuter and freight lines around the country to install the technology by the end of 2015.


In April, the Federal Railroad Administration granted the MTA almost $1 billion in loans to help implement the technology on Metro-North and Long Island Railroad trains. Despite the financial assistance, the FRA reports that none of the 681 Metro-North locomotives intended for the equipment have received it.
  by Backshophoss
If memory serves,when the P32's were cycled thru GE Erie for overhaul/upgrading,had ACSES gear installed.
  by bulk88
In April, the Federal Railroad Administration granted the MTA almost $1 billion in loans to help implement the technology on Metro-North and Long Island Railroad trains. Despite the financial assistance, the FRA reports that none of the 681 Metro-North locomotives intended for the equipment have received it.
Where did 681 come from?

142(M3)+336(M7)+4(C2)+14(SL1)+9(SL2)+10(SL3)+12(SL4)+12(BL20GH)+31(P32)=570 cabs, where are the extra 111 cabs?
  by DutchRailnut
the access instal is done at Harmon, not at GE, units return same as when goig out for overhaul.
  by Backshophoss
Add 2 BL20CG's and the GP35 work train power and all the ConnDot Diesels and the M-8 fleet. :wink:
  by DutchRailnut
plus west of Hudson fleet .
  by Jeff Smith
CSX is threatening to suspend freight service on MNRR.

CSX might cease operations on Metro-North lines in January

WASHINGTON — New York City would have to find other options for hauling municipal waste to landfills if CSX follows through on a threat to stop operating on Metro-North tracks in January.

That’s among the consequences CSX and other freight lines say will result if Congress fails to extend a Dec. 31 deadline for installing new accident avoidance technology knows as “positive train controls.”


“CSX is seriously considering suspending freight operations’’ on commuter rail lines that don’t have PTC operational by Jan. 1, CSX Chairman and CEO Michael Ward wrote.

Among them: Metro-North in New York and Connecticut, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority in New England, METRA in metro Chicago, SunRail in central Florida and Tri-Rail in south Florida.

Without “a reasonable extension,’’ Ward said, “any accident involving Amtrak, commuter or TIH (toxic inhalation hazards) products would expose CSX to huge potential liability for operating in violation of federal law.’’


Metro-North and the Long Island Rail Road are among a half-dozen commuter rail lines that expect to begin testing PTC by the end of 2016, according to a survey released in August by the Federal Railroad Administration. But testing falls short of full certification for their entire track systems, which wouldn’t come until 2018.
  by DutchRailnut
all railroads sat on their thumb since 2008, but with cab/atc MN is still 200% safer than CSX ;-)
  by MCL1981
Is it currently ACSES from Boston to New Haven, Metro North cab signals from New Haven to NYC, then ASCES from NYC to DC? What is the long pole in the tent on converting MN to ACSES? is it the wayside equipment or the cab equipment?
  by DutchRailnut
Even NY to DC is not ACSES other than a few sections.
as for MN the plans are posted earlier in this topic , the have been working on it for years, but it also will not be done system wide till 2018 I believe.
  by Noel Weaver
Freight could still move out of New York City although it would be a bit more difficult. Last I knew they were still able to float cars from Bay Ridge to Greenville then to either CSX or NS via Greenville and Conrail Shared Assets. I am not saying it would happen but it is possible. I still think Congress will back off and delay the effective date for this. I still have to wonder what was wrong with the old PRR and NHRR cab signals with locomotives properly equipped and with track codes for reduced speed areas????
It would be a lot more acceptable to the industry and for many years it worked successfully.
Noel Weaver
  by ExCon90
It meets the new, tech-savvy definition of obsolete: anything that works.
  by DutchRailnut
Congress only has to give waivers, but with daily fines for non-compliance, wanna see railroads get of their tuckus fast ;-)
  by Jeff Smith
Lagging? Hartford Business
Metro-North says it's on track to update high-speed control systems
Metro-North Railroad on Thursday reported making progress on updating control systems for high-speed rail, despite a new federal status report indicating the railroad and many others are behind in efforts to meet a 2018 deadline.
...Metro-North has not completed any work with the exception of training 17 percent of its workforce, according to the report.
In an emailed response to questions, Spokesperson Meredith Daniels noted that Metro-North has completed installation of speed enforcement transponders from New Rochelle to New Haven over approximately 60 miles and trained more than 500 employees.
The railroad also has installed onboard equipment on many cars and locomotives, but the FRA report doesn't show them as fully equipped because they don't have PTC radios, she said. Permit applications are under way to add radio antennas, she added.
Other progress also has been made that is not reflected in the federal report, and the railroad expects to comply by 2018 with the federal rules, she said. The work is a challenge because Metro-North rails span the densest population in the country.
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