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Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by Legio X
This past Saturday I saw LIRR MP-15ac's pulling several TTTX flatcars with new M-7 sets on them eastbound past Richmond Hill team yard. Today I saw 152 pulling a set of M-7's with 167 bringing up the rear. On this move, the M-7's were coupled directly to the MP-15ac's, and thus running directly on the rails. Why would the move on Saturday be done on the TTTX flatcars, and today were already on the rails?

  by jayrmli
The M7s on the flatcars were new arrivals from Bombardier in Plattsburgh. They arrive on the CP train at Pond and they go from Pond to Hillside, where they are removed from the flatcars.

The M7's being towed directly by the diesels are cars that are either going to Arch Street Shops or coming back from there for warranty repairs.

  by N340SG
Legio X,

The move you saw yesterday was the mismatched pair from the sideswipe at Hempstead being moved, either headed to Babylon Yard for M-7 training, or to upstate for repair. My understanding was that they were supposed to go to Babylon Yard for now. The numbers should have been 7279 and 7118. I myself saw this move being prepared in Hillside Yard Friday morning.

M-7 side notes:
Saw 7403/404 and 7407/408 behind HSF, as well as 7415/416 out for test run. We should be right around the point where there are now more M-7s than M-1s on the roster. I'll take a peek at the counts when I get a chance.


  by jayrmli
I did see a move eastbound through Maspeth with a pair of M7s, but didn't notice the numbers to see if they were matched. Other than that though, my post from above stands correct.


  by LIengineerBob
I seen the M-7 move in Jamaica Friday morning with the MP-15's and the M-7's. The M-7's were in fact 7118/7279. They were going to Arch strret shop, as I heard the move on the radio clearing the Montauk cutoff.

  by emfinite

Can you shoot me an email?? I have to ask you about something. I tried emailing your address, but it keeps getting returned.


  by RPM2Night
How do they remove the M-7 cars from the flat cars? Crane?

Tom, how many M-1 cars are still in service...and how many M-7s are now in service? I guess while we're at it, how many M-3 cars are in service?

  by Frank
Are there any M3s going under overhaul as of now?

  by lirrmike
The M-7s are pulled off the flats from a special ramp where a flatcar with a M-7 coupler attaches to the M-7 and are pulled by an engine. Like the old days at the floats. You can see this operation at Fresh Pond from the street.

  by N340SG

The current phase of M-3 overhaul is winding down. There are only a few pair left that do not have inverter and Microcab ATC.
Given the current budget situation, I think they are re-evaluating what else, if anything, will be done on the M-3s. There was supposed to be a next phase, with propulsion, toilet, new radios on the agenda.
As for the test overhaul with M-7 style floors and whatnot.... I still have not heard of any plans to do any more cars.


  by N340SG

The M-3 count remains at 172 (of the original 174 cars).
All M-3s are slated to remain in service until M-9 cars begin arriving, sometime after 2009.
I'll get the M-1 and M-7 counts when I get a chance, hopefully tonight.


  by RPM2Night
What kind of things will we see in the M-9s? Is it too early for that info, or are they being built, or any prototypes yet? Why are we getting even more new equipment so soon after the M-7s?

  by N340SG
The 2005-2009 MTA Capital budget asks for $2.2 million to begin drafting specs for the M-9 for the sister RRs. It is too early to know what will be in them.

  by Long Island 7285
"The 2005-2009 MTA Capital budget asks for $2.2 million to begin drafting specs for the M-9 for the sister RRs. It is too early to know what will be in them."

maby the MTA needs to put down the pencle and paper and worry about getting there red hot asses outa hock and figura out how to operate approaitly and not rape taxpayers wallets.

once there "capital" is under control for a few years then and only then should they have the right to procede and make M9's and so on.

by 2009- its going to be 11 years of this stuff that we call diesel equpt. so that meens after the M9's were going to see DE/M30ac ROUND II :wink:

my point. lets not wipe our rear ends with millions of dollars, lets DO IT RIGHT and "if you dont got money, then you dont got money to spend"
  by N340SG
As of 4/3/05:

M-1 = 402
M-3 = 172
M-7 = 396

DE30 = 23
DM30 = 23
C-3 = 134
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