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Post by lackman » Thu Sep 22, 2016 11:08 am

The 2017 Erie Lackawanna convention is being scheduled for Utica NY in September of 2017. Firm Date is not established yet.

Since the NYS&W runs the old Lackawanna - Erie Lackawanna -Conrail Utica branch, I am wondering if any of the NYS&W followers can help with handouts or even presentations on the line.
This forum is one of the heaviest trafficked forums related to the Lackawanna Branch so I hope to reach the most potential people.

I am hoping to make contact with folks like UT-1, Doug Ellison, Joshua Blay and Edward Olszewski who I know are affiliated with articles and research on the line.
I know its a year away, so this is very very preliminary ground work to start developing the program. If there are other resources who you know, and agree to be contacted, please give them my email address and give me their names.

My email address is jss3290@fuse.net.

Desirable needs are things like:
History of the Utica Branch
Lackawanna mainline and branches in Utica NY. area.
Photos of trains on the branch, preferably Lackawanna, Erie Lackawanna and NYS&W.
Car tour directions of the branch from Utica to Chenango Forks
List of businesses during the 40's and 50''s and present business being served.
Number of cars handled by year.
Rosters of equipment used on the line in Lackawanna Erie Lackawanna days.
Shots of the stations on the line during the Lackawanna days to present.
Local members who worked on the line who can share their experiences during the meeting.
Richfield Springs branch details.

Obviously we would need to get the presenters and handouts cleared so we do not infringe on any copyright issues. Everything will be proper.

The EL society has many members who are also NYS&W followers. We just had our 2016 convention and I had the pleasure again of linking up with a friend and former NYS&W crew member who was in one of the C430's when it hit the snow blockage and rolled over. Mr. Lawson's comments about that night are the types of "war stories" that make conventions neat.

Please contact me if you have things to share for the convention. At this point I am not looking for a firm commitment, so don't be afraid to chime in with your thoughts.!

John Swiecki
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