Traffic Syracuse Branch and Binghamton east

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Traffic Syracuse Branch and Binghamton east

Post by jaash5 » Fri Sep 18, 2015 9:39 am


I know the topic of conversation about the east end tier but I am more looking for some topics on the NYS&W traffic as a whole and when would be good opportunities to photograph, specifically on the Syracuse Branch? It has been years since i followed the NYS&W and still remember when they were running with those b40s up the tier into Binghamton.

Do you think the railroad can ever reach that level of traffic and grow again?
Are freights on the East end of the tier still run with Black and yellow Susie Q engines?
I know that a lot of the freights (3 in each direction a week?) primarily run at night, but I would even be up to going down towards Millrift to catch a daylight shot...

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