Piedmont Division symbols

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Piedmont Division symbols

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118 Macon GA-Linwood NC
119 Linwood NC-Macon GA
123 Decatur IL-Linwood NC
134 Roanoke VA-Linwood NC
135 Linwood NC-Knoxville TN
153 Linwood NC-Irondale AL
154 Irondale AL-Linwood NC
158 Linwood NC-Crewe VA
159 Crewe VA-Linwood NC
165 Linwood NC-Chattanooga TN
172 New Orleans LA-Linwood NC
173 Linwood NC-Irondale AL
191 Linwood NC-Macon GA
192 Macon GA-Linwood NC
194 Bellevue OH-Linwood NC
195 Linwood NC-Bellevue OH
12R Linwood NC-Enola PA
13R Enola PA-Linwood NC
17M Linwood NC-Elkhart IN
18M Elkhart IN-Linwood NC
337 Linwood NC-Charleston SC
338 Charleston SC-Linwood NC
349 Selma NC-Linwood NC
350 Linwood NC-Selma NC
351 Raleigh NC-Linwood NC
352 Linwood NC-Raleigh NC
35Q Allentown PA-Linwood NC
36Q Linwood NC-Allentown PA

203 Rutherford PA-Atlanta GA Mon-Sat
204 Atlanta GA-Rutherford PA Tue-Sat
211 Croxton NJ-Atlanta GA Tue-Sat
212 Atlanta GA-Croxton NJ Tue-Sat
213 Rutherford PA-Atlanta GA Mon-Sat
214 Atlanta GA-Rutherford PA Tue-Sun
217 Linwood NC-Chicago IL (Calumet) Tue-Sat
218 Chicago IL (Calumet)-Linwood NC
221 Charlotte NC-Atlanta GA Tue-Sat
222 Atlanta GA-Charlotte NC
227 Norfolk VA-Harrisburg PA Sun-Thu
228 Harrisburg PA-Norfolk VA Tue-Sat
237 Charleston SC-Atlanta GA Mon-Sat
238 Atlanta GA-Charleston SC
290 McCalla AL-Croxton NJ Wed-Sun
21D Charleston SC-Greer SC Mon-Fri
23Q Charleston SC-Rossville TN As Needed Baretables
24Q Charleston SC-Elizabeth NJ Sun Baretables

27T Charleston SC-Greer SC As Needed Autoracks
28T Greer SC-Charleston SC

E16 New Bern NC-Morehead City NC
E49 Selma NC-Chocowinity NC
E51 Chocowinity NC-Selma NC
E52 Chocowinity NC-Lee Creek NC
P02 Linwood NC-High Point NC
P04 Danville VA-Lynchburg VA
P05 High Point NC-Asheboro NC
P07 Durham NC-Carrboro NC
P10 Greensboro NC-Brickhaven NC
P18 Greer SC-Spartanburg SC
P20 Durham NC-Oxford NC
P22 Greenville SC-Piedmont SC
P24 Charleston SC-Summerville SC
P25 Barber NC-Clemmons NC
P26 Charleston SC-St. George SC
P27 Charleston SC-Ridgeville SC
P28 Columbia SC-Branchville SC
P29 Barber NC-Claremont NC
P30 Winston-Salem NC-Greensboro NC
P32 Rock Hill SC-Catawba SC
P36 Rock Hill SC-Chester SC
P38 Pineville SC-Rock Hill SC
P41 Charlotte NC-Kannapolis NC
P42 Spartanburg SC-Blacksburg SC
P43 Charlotte NC-Kings Mountain NC
P44 Charlotte NC-Harrisburg NC
P49 Greer SC-Spartanburg SC
P53 Charlotte NC-Pineville NC
P57 Catawba SC-Newport SC
P60 Hickory NC-Linwood NC
P61 Linwood NC-Hickory NC
P62 Barber NC-Statesville NC
P65 Columbia SC-Newberry SC
P66 Columbia SC-Wateree SC
P69 Asheville NC-Clinchcross NC
P70 Augusta GA-Trenton SC
P71 Hickory NC-Marion NC
P73 Greer SC-Greenville SC
P74 Greenville SC-Greer SC
P75 Columbia SC-Johnstown SC
P77 Columbia SC-Edmund SC
P78 Greer SC-Spartanburg SC
P79 Greer SC-Spartanburg SC
P85 Columbia SC-Union SC
P86 Spartanburg SC-Union SC
P87 Asheville NC-Bridgewater NC
P88 Charlotte NC-Linwood NC Tue-Sat NS 217
P92 Spencer NC-Halls Ferry Jct NC
P93 High Point NC-Asheboro NC
P94 Linwood NC-Winston Salem NC
P99 Linwood NC-Charlotte NC Daily NS 218

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