Harrisburg Division symbols

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Harrisburg Division symbols

Post by delvalrailfan » Thu May 17, 2018 9:26 am

10N Conway PA-Allentown PA
11K Allentown PA-Elkhart IN
11R East Deerfield MA (PAS)-Binghamton NY
11Z Binghamton NY-Enola PA
12R Linwood NC-Enola PA
13G Newark DE-Enola PA
13R Enola PA-Linwood NC
14G Conway PA-Morrisville PA
14R Enola PA-Binghamton NY
15T Allentown PA-Irondale AL
16N Conway PA-Allentown PA
16R Binghamton NY-East Deerfield MA (PAS)
16T Irondale AL-Allentown PA
17G Morrisville PA-Conway PA
18G Allentown PA-Oak Island NJ (CSAO)
19G Oak Island NJ (CSAO)-Conway PA
309 Binghamton NY-Elkhart IN
310 Bellevue OH-Binghamton NY
30A Enola PA-Allentown PA
30T Rouses Point NY (CP)-Binghamton NY
31T Binghamton NY-Rouses Point NY (CP)
32A Allentown PA-Croxton NJ
32G Enola PA-Newark DE
33A Baltimore MD-Enola PA Mon-Sat
33K Croxton NJ-Allentown PA
34A Allentown PA-Enola PA
35Q Allentown PA-Linwood NC
36A Enola PA-Edgemoor DE
36Q Linwood NC-Allentown PA
36T Buffalo NY-Allentown PA
37A Edgemoor DE-Enola PA
37T Allentown PA-Buffalo NY
38A Enola PA-Baltimore MD Sat-Thu
38G Allentown PA-Pavonia NJ (CSAO)
38Q Conway PA-Hagerstown MD
39G Pavonia NJ (CSAO)-Allentown PA
39Q Hagerstown MD-Conway PA

201 Rutherford PA-Rossville TN Mon-Sat
202 Rossville TN-Rutherford PA Mon-Sat
203 Rutherford PA-Atlanta GA Mon-Sat
204 Atlanta GA-Rutherford PA Tue-Sat
211 Croxton NJ-Atlanta GA Tue-Sat
212 Atlanta GA-Croxton NJ Tue-Sat
213 Rutherford PA-Atlanta GA Mon-Sat
214 Atlanta GA-Rutherford PA Tue-Sun
227 Norfolk VA-Harrisburg PA Sun-Thu
228 Harrisburg PA-Norfolk VA Tue-Sat
290 McCalla AL-Croxton NJ Wed-Sun
294 Chicago IL (47th)-Erail NJ
20E Chicago IL (63rd)-Croxton NJ
20K Chicago IL (63rd)-Croxton NJ
20Q Chicago IL (47th)-Morrisville PA
20R Chicago IL (Landers)-Erail NJ
20W Chicago IL (Ashland)-Croxton NJ BNSF ZLACNYC
21E Morrisville PA-Chicago IL (47th) Tue-Sat
21J Morrisville PA-Chicago IL (63rd) Mon
21M Croxton NJ-Chicago IL (63rd)
22K Chicago IL (47th)-Ayer MA (PAS) PAS MOAY
22V Harrisburg PA-Elizabethport NJ
23K Ayer MA (PAS)-Chicago IL (47th) PAS AYMO
23M Elizabethport NJ-Chicago IL (Global 1/UP) Mon-Sat
23W Baltimore MD-Harrisburg PA Mon-Sat
23Z Croxton NJ-Chicago IL (63rd)
24K Rutherford PA-Morrisville PA
24M Chicago IL (63rd)-Baltimore MD
24Q Charleston SC-Elizabethport or Erail NJ Sun Baretables
24Z Chicago IL (Ashland)-Croxton NJ
25R Croxton NJ-Rutherford PA
25T Morrisville PA-Chicago IL (47th)
25V Erail NJ-Chicago IL (Landers)
25W Croxton NJ-Chicago IL (63rd) Sun Baretables
25Z Erail NJ-Chicago IL (47th)

11J Doremus NJ (CSAO)-Fairlane OH
18N Fostoria OH-Doremus NJ
287 Ayer MA (PAS)-Bellevue OH
28N Fostoria OH-Ayer MA (PAS)

H01 Binghamton NY-New Milford PA
H02 Dover NJ-Little Falls NJ
H03 Erail NJ-Port Reading NJ
H04 Baltimore MD-Perryville MD On Duty @ 20:00
H05 Corning NY-Addison NY
H06 Corning NY-Geneva NY
H08 Suffern NY-Middletown NY
H10 Elmira NY-Big Flats NY
H11 Allentown PA On Duty @ 08:00
H12 Elmira NY-Sayre PA
H15 Enola PA Tue-Sat On Duty @ 06:00
H16 Elmira NY-Corning NY
H17 Elmira NY-Owego NY
H19 Lancaster PA-Enola PA Wed-Sun On Duty @ 09:00
H21 Lancaster PA-Middletown PA Sun-Thu
H22 Lancaster PA On Duty @ 19:30
H23 Lancaster PA-Lititz PA On Duty @ 07:00
H24 Hershey PA On Duty @ 06:00
H26 Lancaster PA Tue-Sat
H28 Lancaster PA-New Holland PA Sun-Thu
H29 New Holland PA-Lancaster PA
H30 Lancaster PA-Columbia PA Sun-Thu On Duty @ 22:00
H31 Reading PA On Duty @ 16:00
H32 Enola PA As Needed
H33 Reading PA Sun-Thu On Duty @ 10:00
H34 Greencastle PA-Hagerstown MD
H45 Northumberland PA-Sunbury PA
H46 Erail NJ-Linden NJ
H47 Reading PA-Mertztown PA
H49 Reading PA-Royersford PA
H52 Buffalo NY-Silver Springs NY
H53 Northumberland PA-Enola PA On Duty @ 05:30
H56 Suffern NY-Oak Island NJ (CSAO)
H58 Shiremanstown PA-Chambersburg PA On Duty @ 18:00
H59 Shiremanstown PA-Carlisle PA On Duty @ 06:00
H61 York PA On Duty @ 15:00
H62 Baltimore MD-Landover MD
H64 Manville NJ-High Bridge NJ
H65 Washington NJ-Allentown PA
H66 Allentown PA-Lehighton PA
H67 Hazleton PA-Lehighton PA
H68 Allentown PA-Reading NJ
H69 Shiremanstown PA On Duty @ 11:00
H70 Croxton NJ-Campbell Hall NY Sun-Thu
H72 Reading PA Sun-Thu On Duty @ 20:00
H73 Reading PA-Alburtis PA Sun-Thu On Duty @ 20:00
H74 Allentown PA-Portland PA
H75 Allentown PA-Stockertown PA
H76 Allentown PA-Portland PA
H77 Corning NY-Addison NY
H80 Croxton NJ-South Kearny NJ
H81 Croxton NJ-Waldwick NJ
H82 Abrams PA-Norristown PA On Duty @ 06:30
H83 Abrams PA-Coatesville PA On Duty @ 19:00
H84 Abrams PA-Coatesville PA On Duty @ 06:30
H85 Corning NY-Erwin NY
H89 Chapman PA-Allentown PA
H91 Chapman PA-Alburtis PA
H95 Enola PA-York PA Sun-Thu On Duty @ 00:00
H96 York PA
H97 Binghamton NY-Taylor PA
H99 Hazleton PA-Lehighton PA
HH11 Harrisburg PA On Duty @ 06:30
HO02 Enola PA-Steelton PA On Duty @ 07:00
HO23 Enola PA-Steelton PA Sun-Thu On Duty @ 15:00
HS11 Shiremanstown PA On Duty @ 07:00
HS12 Shiremanstown PA Wed-Sun On Duty @ 08:00
HS51 Shiremanstown PA-Enola PA On Duty @ 23:00
K07 Allentown PA-Reading PA Tue
K08 Chapman PA-Alburtis PA Sat-Sun
K21 Northumberland PA-Millersburg PA
K22 Northumberland PA-Watsontown PA
K35 Newark DE-Reybold DE
K37 Edgemoor DE-Elkton MD
K38 Abrams PA-Falls PA
K41 Edgemoor DE-Wilmington DE
K44 Edgemoor DE-Newark DE
K46 Front Royal VA-Hagerstown MD
K47 Shenandoah VA-Front Royal VA
K51 Edgemoor DE-Porter DE
K54 Newark DE-Reybold DE
K58 Edgemoor DE-Wilmington DE
K64 Newark DE-Clayton DE (DCR)
K70 Edgemoor DE-Stony Creek PA (CSAO)
K79 Taylor PA-Binghamton NY
K84 Binghamton NY-Endicott NY
K91 Manassas VA-Edinburg VA
K94 Manassas VA-Springfield VA
K95 Alexandria VA-Lynchburg VA
K97 Hagerstown MD-Williamsport MD
K98 Hagerstown MD-Williamsport MD
K99 Lynchburg VA-Alexandria VA

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Re: Harrisburg Division symbols

Post by delvalrailfan » Sat May 19, 2018 3:19 pm

H68 Allentown PA-Reading NJ
K89 Front Royal VA Inland Port Switcher
30T Saratoga Springs NY (CP)-Binghamton NY
31T Binghamton NY-Saratoga Springs NY (CP)
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Re: Harrisburg Division symbols

Post by NS212 » Sun May 20, 2018 10:48 am

K89 Front Royal Virginia Inland Port switcher

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Re: Harrisburg Division symbols

Post by NS212 » Fri Jun 15, 2018 2:35 pm

K85 Culpeper VA switcher (will run to Manassas and Charlottesville as needed)
K87 Alexandria VA switcher
K88 Casanova VA-Springfield VA rock loads (goes on duty in Manassas and runs light to Casanova to pick up loads.)
K90 Springfield VA- Casanova VA (goes on duty in Manassas and runs light to Springfield to pick up empties)

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Re: Harrisburg Division symbols

Post by rob216 » Tue Jun 26, 2018 3:53 pm

KH03- East Penn Railroad, from Sinking Spring to Reading.
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