Huntington Division symbols

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Huntington Division symbols

Post by delvalrailfan » Thu May 24, 2018 8:27 am

Q302 Cincinnati OH-Rocky Mount NC
Q303 Rocky Mount NC-Cincinnati OH
Q310 Avon IN-Russell KY
Q311 Russell KY-Avon IN
Q314 Utica IL-Benwood WV Tue, Thu, Sat Sand Loads
Q315 Benwood WV-Utica IL Wed, Fri Sand Empties
Q316 Cincinnati OH-Cumberland MD
Q317 Cumberland MD-Cincinnati OH
Q347 Willard OH-Avon IN
Q634 Columbus OH-Selkirk NY
Q635 Selkirk NY-Columbus OH
Q636 Columbus OH-Walbridge OH
Q637 Walbridge OH-Columbus OH
Q692 Waycross GA-Russell KY
Q693 Russell KY-Waycross GA

Q146 North Baltimore OH-Columbus OH
Q147 Columbus OH-North Baltimore OH
Q390 Columbus OH-Syracuse NY
Q391 Syracuse NY-Columbus OH

Q204 Louisville KY-Walbridge OH
Q246 Pottersburg OH-Gibson IN (IHB)
Q257 Walbridge OH-Pottersburg OH

C001 As Needed Herzog
C002 As Needed Herzog
D006 As Needed Work Train
D007 As Needed Work Train
D008 As Needed Work Train
D009 As Needed Work Train
D011 As Needed Work Train
H716 Pottersburg OH
H750 Clifton Forge VA-Richmond VA As Needed
H751 Richmond VA-Clifton Forge VA As Needed
H773 Newport News VA-Lee Hall VA
H815 Peach Creek WV
H891 Elk Run WV-Goalsk WV As Needed
H891 Elk Run WV-St. Albins WV As Needed

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