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Train Q-502 (4 units & 80 cars) en route from Birmingham to Louisville had recrewed at Nashville and departed from there at about 1 AM. While proceeding at 47 mph at 8:40AM, it derailed the 15th through 40th head cars.

Tank cars loaded with cyclohexane, methyl ethyl ketone, and butadiene were breached and released their full loads which ignited. The Engineer could not reach the Train Dispatcher by radio, so he used his cell phone to contact a Trainmaster at Louisville who reported the accident to Jacksonville.

About 500 people were evacuated until the 21st, I-65 was closed for about 10 hours, and on-scene emergency response action concluded at 5PM on the 22nd.

Estimated cost was about $22, 500,000.

The NTSB released a Report in April giving the cause as inadequate side bearing clearance due to a broken bolt on a side bearing wedge plate which caused a wheel to climb a rail on the preceding curve causing the initial derailment.

NOTE: the cause was announced in less than 6 months compared to the 18 to 24+ months which is now the common delay.

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