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Post by garrettfive » Wed Dec 05, 2007 5:20 pm

I would like to receive a copy of the 5 page narrative history of Austin-Western.
I was ten years old when we lived in West Texas where my dad was the road maintainer/mechanic of a model 99 road grader for Glasscock County. When near the area of our house he would drive it home overnight and on one cold, December morning he let me climb up into the cab and start the big red engine to warm up for the day's service. The sound of that starter motor turning over a couple of times, blowing smoke rings and coming to life at my beck and call was magnificent. And I was it's Master!
While in the cab I would check the hydraulic system by jockeying the steering positions of the front and rear wheels and make sure the blade rose and fell at the right angles. If I had time I would also check the right and left positions of the blade.
Sometimes Dad would let me help change the grader blades or engine oil.
Later, I served as a jet engine mechanic in the USAF, I am now 66.
Thanks for your information, Jim Garrett, 12400 S. E. Carlton St. , Portland, OR 97236


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Post by rebel » Wed Sep 10, 2008 11:18 pm

This is for Hank who was writing about B.L.H. No they haven't built the power plant yet. The mayor has promised for nine years but it hasn't been built yet.I live in Lima and back in 1951 went to work at B.L.H. and worked there till 1960 . They kept selling it and they used it for a tax write off. They made good shovels and other dirt moving equipment and some of it is still in use today. We have a shay engine at the museaum and one of the B.L.H. engines and a lake eire presidents car on display at one of local parks. Cliff

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