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Older Lima Loco

Post by Consolidation » Mon Jul 16, 2007 8:20 am

Good Morning everyone,

I am looking for information about a specific locomotive manufactured by Lima. Data as follows: Builder Number 1015; Built in 1905; Weight 51 tons; Owned by Cranberry Lake Railroad, Wanakena, New York as #5 (Also known as Rich lumber Company)

All data about the locomotive will be gratefully accepted. Also, would anyone know which manufacturer of HO equipment would make a model that is similar or if really lucky, this exact locomotive


Post by 2spot » Mon Jul 16, 2007 3:33 pm

The locomotive was a 2 8 0. Owned by Rich Lumber Co. Its shipping date was Sept. 1905.
The California State Railroad Museum library has 'Lima Locomotive Works Drawing indexes' among its 'Library and Collections' comprising a large but not quite complete list of locomotives built by Lima. Both Shay and Rod connected locomotives. You may be able to purchase copies of drawings or elevations directly from them if the specific locomotive is in their collection.
The information above is from a search of Lima Builder numbers. A search for just 'Rich Lumber' shows that they also had 5 Shays.
The California State Railroad Museum Foundation page (the one I started with) is I'd never seen their page before, but so far I'm impressed.

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