• Head-on collision in Amarillo, TX

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Discussion related to BNSF operations. Official site: BNSF.COM

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  by Gilbert B Norman
Thank you Mr. Scoostraw for clarifying.

Mr. SD-80, I was never very good at the board game Clue, but your deductive reasoning appears sound.

It still sounds hard to this layman to believe that absolutely no identifiable remains were found. Perhaps some of our First Responders around here can offer plausible explanations; e.g. BNSF wanted their railroad back.
  by sd80mac
The Feds had dogs sniffed for body and they cant find it. Someone said that body has most likely cremated. However people and/or dogs should able to find bones. But they didn't.

I am not 100% sure. I think that they had relocated the wrecked containers and cars to somewhere. And I think that they are still sorting through them out. Words on that is still vague. Someone else from locally has to answer on this. I am pretty sure that by now, they're done w sorting them out and get rid of them.
  by scoostraw
sd80mac wrote:At that point, WB engineer may had got up and abandoned his train right away regardless of train's current speed. Laura may had resisted.... we will never know...
Actually we may learn some things, since the engineer survived. He knows what happened right up until he jumped.

But it's really possible that we'll never know what was going on on the other train.
  by Komachi
Ooooooooo Kkkkaaaaaayyyyy...

'Fraid I'm going to lock this thread, as the speculation is getting out of hand, here.

Then, I'm going to go back and delete the speculative postings. We can ponder "what if" all day long, but, if we do, let us be respectful of those involved in the accident and not wander into the world of speculative fiction.

** Whips out one of his fancy laser-engraved locks, this one with a British Rail logo on it **

** CLICK **
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