Alternative Names for BNSF Railway?

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Re: Alternative Names for BNSF Railway?

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umtrr-author wrote:Scot, a working title I've read for BN prior to it being named that was "Great Northern Pacific" so you might not be that far off in your speculation.
Actually, I think it was going to be Great Northern Pacific & Burlington Lines (almost as cumbersome as Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company), but cooler heads prevailed in both cases.

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Re: Alternative Names for BNSF Railway?

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scottychaos wrote:What would BNSF's name be today if, like UP, the largest railroad in a merger had kept its name?

For example, Burlington Northern was made up of GN, NP, SP&S and CB&Q..
Which of those four was the largest? (I think it was GN..but im not sure)
Lets say it was GN..So in this alternate timeline Burlington Northern kept the name "Great Northern"..

Then GN(really BN) merges with ATSF..but by then the combined GN(really BN)
was probably much larger than again, the GN name wins out..
So today, BNSF would be named Great Northern...which I think would be a great name!

(im not sure if my "merger math" is exactly correct however..someone feel free to correct me if I got it wrong..)

In terms of miles of track, the largest of the 4 railroads that became BN was the CB&Q. IIRC the first BN president was the Burlington president, Louis Menk(??)

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