Northeast Regional 188 - Accident In Philadelphia

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Re: Northeast Regional 188 - Accident In Philadelphia

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You only need a common reference if you are seeking understanding. If you don't mind people not understanding the experience don't worry about the issue. Hopefully someone else will take on the task.

There are a lot of things I have not done (for example fly in space and drive a NASCAR) that I can understand at some level because someone was willing to explain it using common references.

BTW: This isn't about skewed figures more people dying on roads than rails each year or skewed statistics showing less federal support for rail than air told by people giving half (or less) of the equation. Nor is it intended to minimize or demean anyone. This is about trying to communicate and get people to understand.

Have you ever dozed off slightly while driving or forgotten where you were while driving because of a distraction or something else on your mind? I believe most drivers have. The scale is different on roads (less weight, shorter stopping distances) but if one starts with the similarities one can work toward the differences.

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Re: Northeast Regional 188 - Accident In Philadelphia

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The on again, off again charges against 188's engineer, Brandon Bostian are off again. The charges have been dismissed, once again.

Naturally, there will be another appeal....again. ... k/5413323/

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Criminal charges have once again been dismissed against the engineer at the controls of an Amtrak train that crashed in Philadelphia in 2015, leaving eight people dead.

Brandon Bostian had been charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment.

The charges were dismissed during a status hearing with Judge Barbara A. McDermott on Tuesday morning. A trial had been scheduled to start in September.

A defense lawyer argued Tuesday that any mistakes made by Brandon Bostian do not amount to a crime, and the judge agreed, the AP reports.

"We don't lock up doctors when they commit malpractice and they make a mistake," defense lawyer Brian McMonagle told The Associated Press. The judge "did the right thing."

Attorney Thomas R. Kline, who represents two of the families, hopes for the decision to be overturned on appeal.
I want my road foreman!

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Re: Northeast Regional 188 - Accident In Philadelphia

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Article from Politico on Amtrak Lawsuits. ... sue-068175

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Re: Northeast Regional 188 - Accident In Philadelphia

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Fair Use quotation from the immediately linked Politico article:
The only other alternative is for travelers to not ride Amtrak..
Gottaluv that one; only problem. someone will "take 'em up" on that.

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Re: Northeast Regional 188 - Accident In Philadelphia

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Dick H wrote:
Fri Nov 08, 2019 9:55 pm
Article from Politico on Amtrak Lawsuits. ... sue-068175
Time to write my Congress critter on this issue and apply the "no arbitration" law to trains and buses.
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