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Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by sicariis
Public Comment Period: FY 2024 Fare Plan
The Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority (NNEPRA) has proposed a fare increase for the Amtrak Downeaster rail service between Brunswick, Maine and Boston, MA. A copy of the FY24 Fare Plan is available here or can be received by sending a written request to [email protected].

Comments can be made by email, mail or phone from September 19 – October 9, 2023:

https://amtrakdowneaster.com/wp-content ... omment.pdf
  by markhb
CSRR573 wrote: Wed Sep 20, 2023 1:59 am Us at Southampton do ALL the work on the equipment used on the DE. Amfleets are regularly cycled in and out of service on the NEC and 448/449. They make those moves once sometimes twice a week. Brunswick does very small running repairs to the equipment, not sure about the wheel truing machine because it seems we cut EVERYTHING that comes down from Maine. We take care of most big things at SHSY. 90 days are sent to Albany for P42s but the cabbages stay with us unless major structural work is needed(90213 hit a tree last winter and went to Albany for that reapir, All Bondo'ed btw). As for parts, we barely stock much stuff as it is, most gets overnighted to us. And for training for Horizons, we have all the workshop manuals for them and Carmen new-hires do receive very basic training on them during their probation period. As for delays, its been my experience that its the P42s that cause most delays not the Amfleets, I often get calls to North Station to fix a P42 issue.
Much appreciated, thank you!
  by Arborwayfan
charlesriverbranch wrote:Horizon cars look superficially similar to some of the cars the MBTA runs. What are the differences?
Horizons are set up like any other Amtrak corridor coaches: 2-2 reclining seats with trays, carpet at least last time I rode one, Amtrak-type bathrooms with soap in the sink, luggage areas/shelves at one or both ends of the car, closed-bottom overhead luggage racks rather than the grid of metal parts than some CR cars have. Generally a little less claustrophobic (or I guess less cozy) than an Amfleet, but otherwise basically the same for the passenger.
  by shadyjay
They look, interiorwise, very similar to the Amfleet I, it appears. No electronic display (EXIT/RESTROOMS THIS END). Lighting pattern is different.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horizon_% ... terior.jpg

Several years ago, we had one on the Vermonter in the winter. Crew and passengers seemed to like it. Personally, I've never been in one.
  by markhb
I just looked, and NNEPRA's September board meeting was actually last week, rather than tomorrow (4th Monday). The briefing packet is available, and in the included minutes of the August meeting is this:
Patricia provided an update on Amtrak’s request to change the Downeaster coaches from Amfleet to Horizon Fleet coaches. Patricia noted that Amtrak acknowledged receipt of the Board’s letter opposing the equipment change and indicated that a response would be forthcoming.
I have no idea what more news came out of last week's meeting.
  by Machinist91
Perhaps this is foreshadowing with the Horizons, but Capeflyer coach 225 is currently (9/26) sitting in Southampton yard and is scheduled to go up to Maine on 9/27
  by CSRR573
Quick heads up, tomorrow 9/27 CapeFLYER coach #225 is scheduled to be attached to the Maine equipment move from SHSY up to Maine
  by sicariis
CSRR573 wrote: Tue Sep 26, 2023 10:12 pm Quick heads up, tomorrow 9/27 CapeFLYER coach #225 is scheduled to be attached to the Maine equipment move from SHSY up to Maine
Saw it this morning while on 682. It's now sitting on the Portland station siding with P42 #107 and 2 amfleets.
  by sicariis
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  by MEC407
From MaineDOT:
MaineDOT wrote:The Maine Department of Transportation and CSX are working to make safety improvements and improve track conditions at a railroad crossing on Route 4 in North Berwick. This project will result in a safer crossing for vehicles; it will also allow the Downeaster to travel at increased speeds. MaineDOT worked with CSX to secure Federal Highway Administration grant funding to help support these safety improvements.

This work will require the closure of Route 4 at the railroad crossing just south of Buffum Road from Saturday, October 21st to Monday, October 23rd. Vehicle traffic will be detoured using Routes 9 and 236. This project will also cancel several Amtrak Downeaster trips on Saturday morning. The cancelled trains are 691, 693, 694, and 698. Ticketed passengers are eligible to receive a refund and/or may be re-accommodated on operating trains by calling 1-800-USA-RAIL.
  by MEC407
From WMUR, a trespasser died after being hit by the Downeaster in Durham, NH:

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