The Amazing Race-Railroading

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The Amazing Race-Railroading

Post by SST »

I have never watched the Amazing Race or any other reality show. But, the advertising for the upcoming episode [Tuesday Jan 4th @9pm CBS] is showing a lot of railroading. What really caught my attention are the crossing gates. It appears that they have a net hanging below the gate. It was only a 2 second clip showing the gate rising so I can't tell how the netting is made.

I'm going to watch it. Perhaps this gate crossing "netting" could enhance our own crossings here in the US. Whether anyone will spend the money is another story.

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Post by n2xjk »

I watched the episode. Really didn't see much of the Budapest Heritage Railway...there were a few steam locos around a turntable, but we just got glances. Each team in the race did have a ride in an odd little rail put-put, kind of like a small Fairmont without a cab.

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